Friends are one of life's greatest treasures.

Healthy lifestyles are all about being well-rounded. Well-rounded in your diet, well-rounded in your exercise, and well-rounded in your life. By this I mean that along with work, you need time to wind down and play. Hanging out with friends is an integral part of life. Taking time for you. Making time for the important people in your life. Social interaction is detrimental to health.

Ok, lets start with the best reason for getting social interaction in. It makes you feel GREAT!!!! It feels SOOO good to catch-up with a friend that you haven't seen in a while. It feels even better to hang out with your best friend. They know just what to say when you're feeling blue. You know just what to say to make their day. You rely on each other to stay sane at times. This is a great way to feel meaningful. However the day left you feeling, you still know that you can make someone's day just by talking to them. At the same time, your friend will be there to listen to the events of your crazy day and comment in their own unique way.

Another fantastic benefit of having such an awesome friend(s) is that they can be great sounding boards. If there's a serious question you have that needs an answer, who better to go to than your faithful friend? They have been there through thick and thin and will only have your best interests in mind. They care about you and want the best for you. It makes sense that they would steer you in the best possible direction.

If you are looking to reach your health and fitness goals for the year, your friends are there to cheer you on, keep you on the right path, and help you get there. They can be your best motivational tools and your greatest asset. They can help gather healthy recipes. You can share your accomplishments with them to double the reward!

Having and hanging with friends boosts self-esteem in so many wonderful ways! From problem solving, to stress relief. Motivation to brainstorming. Friends are so important! So make sure you keep up with them, even if its been a while.