A story on our front page today is about a controversial movie which will be shown next month in the area.

A story on our front page today is about a controversial movie which will be shown next month in the area.

The movie is "FrackNation," and is a counter to Josh Fox's "Gasland" documentary which gained national fame, especially for one scene in which water from a faucet was lit on fire.

FrackNation will feature some familiar Wayne County faces. They will be giving their views on why they believe responsible fracking would be a huge benefit to this area.

To say this is a hot-button issue would be an understatement.

Fracking has been a controversial issue nationwide and is even becoming so around the world.

But the situation in Wayne County is quite unique.

There is fracking taking place all across Pennsylvania and in places which neighbor Wayne County.

But because of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) which was established by President John F. Kennedy, the rules for Wayne County are different.

We are in a multi-state coalition because of the DRBC and it will take action by that group to make anything happen.

To date, no action has been taken, much to the frustration of those who want fracking in Wayne County.

Opinions in this area are sharply divided when it comes to fracking.

Some in the pro-fracking camp believe that outsiders and extreme environmentalists are the main reason nothing has happened on the issue of gas exploration. They say some want to keep this part of the country free from fracking.

Those who are against fracking say they don't believe the science is there to have responsible fracking practices. They say the Delaware River watershed is too precious to risk it, no matter the economic benefits.

The argument is likely to continue for years.

And the opinions are likely to continue to be as sharp as they have been for years.

There may never be agreement in the next steps to take when it comes to fracking.

But it would seem that at some point, a final decision has to be made. Yet the DRBC continues to kick the can down the road and that draws the ire and anger of those who want to see exploration and drilling started in Wayne County.

Who is right and who is wrong will probably not be known until history eventually tells the tale. And at some point, that tale will be told.

In the meantime, the fight continues.

No matter which side your loyalties fall, the one thing you should do is hear all sides of the matter.

The anti-fracking people should attend the showing of FrackNation and hear what the other side has to say. It's the only way you can at least get some understanding of their reasoning.

Those who want fracking should go out of their way to read why those opposed feel so strongly about the matter. Fox's second movie is also about to come out and they should watch it, as well.

Both sides should also be respectful of each other and stop the name calling. Both sides are guilty of such behavior and it serves no useful purpose.

The issue of fracking remains controversial and Wayne County is right in the middle of the controversy.

That' something that may never change.