On Saturday I joined my family in helping my sister and brother-in-law get some things done in their house before they move in.

On Saturday I joined my family in helping my sister and brother-in-law get some things done in their house before they move in.

The closer we got to their house, the less snow we saw, until finally there was nothing at all. In Cumberland County they are actually enjoying what is called spring.

You know, spring, when the sun is shining a lot and the temperatures are just right where you aren't really cold yet not really hot. You could also hear the animals enjoying it. Even for a day, I was able to remember what spring is supposed to feel like, not snow-filled like it is up here.

Besides all that I had some new experiences of my own. Let's be clear here. I do know what a thing called cleaning is and I know what spring cleaning means. But I've never done any of the usual "home improvement" things like painting or getting rid of wallpaper.

Well, those two things can be checked off my list now. The day started off simple-cleaning windows with my mom. After that it was down to business.

My brother and I started helping dad get wallpaper off in the spare rooms. Maybe it's weird or maybe it's just me, but it was neat to say that now I can remove wallpaper.

Sean started the process with scoring the wallpaper so my dad could peel the top layer off and I followed along with spraying the backing so it could scraped it off later (yes I got to do that too).

There we were, having a bonding moment over removing wallpaper. It didn't take hours upon hours to do one room either since the wallpaper was only in certain sections for decoration purposes.

Everything was going well until we started on the second spare room. The process was the same, but the wallpaper was stubborn as hell. The first layer didn't want to come off first so we had to try getting it all off by the same method.

No matter how much we soaked it and no matter how hard we scraped, it would just not budge. We got some off, but we'd be doing it until next weekend trying to get every bit. It was a real pain.

Eventually we decided to let it go and they would find another way to remove the wallpaper another time. It worked out, since I actually had the chance to do some painting. I was told I did well for my first time so that was great.

I got to enjoy real spring and learn some home improvement techniques all in the same day.

As this week winds down Easter will be here, so I'd like to say Happy Easter to everyone.

April is also days away, and that means it will be Autism Awareness Month. World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, which is also Light It Up Blue.

Light It Up Blue is a way to show autism awareness. It is sponsored through Autism Speaks, the largest organization working on research, helping families and finding a cure.

Landmarks throughout the world such as the Empire State Building, the London Eye, the Eiffel Tower and many more, will be lit blue starting the night of April 1.

Everyone can participate in Light It Up Blue. The easiest is to wear blue on April 2. Put up blue lights, make puzzle piece-shaped cookies and frost them with blue icing, put up blue decorations, anything. There are so many ways you can Light It Up Blue and support a great cause.

Waters is a staff writer for The Wayne Independent and can be reached at kwaters@wayneindependent.com.