At the weekly meeting of the Wayne County Commissioners, Judge Raymond Hamill presented a 2012 state of the court report and showed his appreciation for county support.

 -At the weekly meeting of the Wayne County Commissioners, Judge Raymond Hamill presented a 2012 state of the court report and showed his appreciation for county support.

“Thanks for permitting me to come and speak,” he said. “I'm blessed with three great department heads. I'd also like to thank Linus Myers for putting the report together.”

Hamill said that a lot of courts will give a yearly report, but he doesn't know if you “can see any trends” by doing reports in one year increments. Instead, he decided to do a midterm report, his fifth of a 10 year term.

“I'd like to thank the commissioners for their support of the court,” Hamill stated. “We're really blessed in this county to have the type of relationships that we have. Everyone has a work well together attitude. We're fortunate in this county.”

Hamill pointed out the importance of various departments and how he's grateful for them.

He also said that they have over 2,000 cases filed a year and that there's an “increased demand” to be in the courtroom on cases that are filed. Hamill added that there are more custody and pretrial cases than there were in the past.

“The greatest demand seems to be pro say, where people represent themselves,” Hamill stated. “We've seen an explosion of individuals who come without an attorney. They have a right to and we shouldn't prohibit that. However, it can cause problems, especially if both sides are unrepresented. They mean well but they're not always well prepared and they're not educated in the system. They have challenges that attorneys don't because attorneys know the system.”

He said it “isn't a Wayne County problem,” but it's common through the country. Hamill added the Supreme Court is “looking at ways” to help pro say litigance.

Hamill also said he's “looking forward” to outpatient treatment in the correctional facility.

“It's a great idea,” he said. “This is an opportunity for them to get help without the influence of outside forces.”

Hamill also said the county is very fortunate when it comes to jurors.

“We have wonderful citizens in the county who show up as jurors,” he said. “They understand it's part of their duty. I have heard countless courts and judges talk about getting every excuse in the book for jurors not to come, or they just don't show up.”

Before his term is up, Hamill also wants to utilize the use of the main court room with climate control for the winter and summer months. He also wants to address the issue of the facilities available for jurors.

Hamill thanked the commissioners again for letting him speak at the meeting, then they shared a few comments.

“It's been great to work with you,” said chairman Brian Smith. “I like the relationship we all have and we do it with mutual respect.”

“We couldn't be more pleased as a board with the benefits of your system and how we work together,” said commissioner Wendall Kay. “I have a lot of admiration for what you do.”

“You're a great judge and great person and I like working with you,” said commissioner Jonathan Fritz.

Other business

The PA SAVIN Maintenance Contract, which is a victims' notification system, was renewed.

Mark Graziadio and Donna LaBar were nominated to be on the board of directors for the Wayne County Representatives Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance.

Anthony Fereno was approved to go from part time to full time as a correctional officer, effective March 31. His hourly rate was set at $15.04.

Three part time correctional officers were hired, effective March 25. They are Anthony Besten of Greenfield Township, Ashley Laird of Honesdale and Joseph Siclari of Lake Ariel. Their hourly rate was set at $11.77.