Caleb's Foundation was started in loving memory of Caleb, a 2 year old boy with an amazing spirit, infectious laugh and energy for life that was unmatched.

— Caleb's Foundation was started in loving memory of Caleb, a 2 year old boy with an amazing spirit, infectious laugh and energy for life that was unmatched.

He found delight in simple things, such as his mommy's guitar, his stuffed animal Mr. Bear and empty Gatorade bottles. He truly brought joy to everyone he met.

On Feb. 25, 2007, Caleb was granted his angel wings after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. He was only 2 years old. Although his life ended much too soon, his legacy lives on through the Foundation his mother started in his memory.

Caleb's Pennies is not your typical foundation.

It is rather unique in its concept which is "No parent should have to prioritize a payment or job before the care of their sick child."

The foundation has lived by this motto since May 2010 as they have financially assisted more than 200 families with a critically ill child.

"Our mission has remained the same since day one and that is to support parents in the care of their sick child, by relieving the stress of financial burdens at home. We have helped by covering rent and mortgage payments, electric and medical bills, other utility bills and much more" said Caleb's mom, Nichole.

Caleb's Annual Tricky Tray fundraiser is being held on Sunday, April 28 from noon to 2:30 p.m. at Ehrhardt's Waterfront Restaurant in Hawley.

Over 90 themed baskets valued at $100-plus for every family member including the pet will be raffled off. Admission is free, cash bar available, door prizes and desserts will be given out and general tickets will be sold at $5 for 25.

Once again, Caleb's Wishing Well will be set up so bring your extra pennies and change, toss them in and make a wish.

Due to outside support and volunteers, 98 percent of all donation money is able to go directly to families in need like Riley's family. Riley is a 3 year old with complex congenital heart disease. He was listed for a heart and lung transplant and continues to wait. He has had three "dry runs" since being listed but all three times the organs could not be used. (Gas bill paid.)

Alex is a 17 year old who was injured in a car accident after her prom. She sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, laceration of her spleen and remained in the hospital for more than four months. (Electric bill paid.)

Faith is a 6 year old diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. She had a tracheotomy placed at birth and has had over 15 surgeries to monitor and correct her airway. (Mortgage bill paid.)

Ronald is a 1 year old who was born at just 25 weeks after his mother was beaten by his father. The beating also resulted in his twin sister's death. Ronald remained in the hospital for the first year of his life. (Rent bill paid.)

These are just a few of the families who have been financially assisted by Caleb's Pennies.

Last year's Tricky Tray event raised the most money to date, an incredible $42,000.

With your help, hopefully more money will be raised this year and given back to families who need it most.

Visit for more information or contact Nichole Granville at if you would like to make a donation or become an event sponsor.

PENNIES FROM HEAVEN Caleb's Foundation, is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, contributions to which are tax deductible as permitted by law.