A funny thing happened on my way out of the Y this week. I left weighing 20lbs more than when I entered.

A funny thing happened on my way out of the Y this week. I left weighing 20lbs more than when I entered.

It began the day before when I was "challenged" by Kristina Young. "How would you like to walk around with 20lbs of your weight back on for a while?" It seems Kristina has this weighted vest that simulates what it feels like to carry around an extra 20lbs on your person.

How hard could that be? Ha!

I jumped at the chance and retrieved it from the Y Friday morning. The moment I picked up the bag containing the vest I was shocked. There was no way that thing weighed 20lbs.

Guy quickly came to my aid as I struggled carrying the "bag o' vest", my purse (which also weighs 20lbs), coffee, tote bag etc. through the front door at work. I heaved the vest at him and grunted "Take this!" I explained what it was. He shook his head and said, "No way does this weigh 20lbs. It feels more like 50." He took it back to the mailroom and weighed it there. 20lbs exactly.

On the way through editorial he thrust it into the hands of our unsuspecting Editor Greg who quickly said, "Take it back! Take it back!" Amy, our Graphics Manager was a bit braver and tried the thing on. "Michelle, you're going to hurt your back. You shouldn't wear this very long."

"Strap it on!" I proclaimed and I wore it from 8AM to Noon that day.

The experience was enlightening.

First and foremost every time I rose from a seated position it was like a weight lifter doing squats. The middle and lower region of my back were killing me by mid-morning as were my shoulders and abdomen. It was tricky maneuvering around without bumping into stuff as well.

Another neat thing was gauging the reaction of my co-workers and a few folks who dropped by the office that day. It resembles a tactical (SWAT) vest so I had quite a few questions to answer. It's not every day that you see a Publisher outfitted in body armor.

I was relieved when NOON arrived and I'd accomplished my mission. It was nice to say goodbye to that 20lbs. I look even more forward to saying goodbye to the next 20.

This week's weigh in showed me up .2 (less than 1/4lb). I've had 8 weeks of consistent weight loss so it's due time I hit a plateau. I'll make it up next week! I am still down 24.2 lbs total and counting.