Two more weigh-ins left and the WNM challenge will have come and gone once again.

Two more weigh-ins left and the WNM challenge will have come and gone once again.

It seems like only yesterday when I rushed into the Y one afternoon and said "I guess I'm here to sign up. I'm supposed to do a column."

I knew I had to do it for a few reasons. We needed a female blogger. I had committed myself. I needed to lose weight.

That doesn't mean I was excited about it though. Not in the least.

Here we are now, 10 weeks since that initial weigh in and I'm hooked. Who knew?

It's Sunday as I write this and Jim and I have just returned from a 40 minute hike in the woods behind our house. We decided to take advantage of the spring like weather this weekend. It wasn't quite warm enough to attempt this without a jacket, so Jim tossed me one of his on the way out the door.

It zipped.

Back in early January there was no way that jacket would've fit me. I know this, because I would grab it occasionally, in the middle of the night, to take the dogs out to do their business.

Today, it fit me perfectly.

Last Saturday I was also delighted to find that I could get into my skinny jeans. They are the first pair of skinny jeans in a series that I have collected over the years actually. This particular pair was vintage early 21st century and I had not worn them in about two years. I didn't have to hold my breath or lie down on the bed to zip them either. No pliers required. (Any female of a certain age can relate to that visual.)

I really wish that I had taken measurements before I started on this quest. It would have been interesting to see how many inches I have lost and will continue to lose. Based on the way the skinny jeans buttoned, I would say at least three around the waist alone.

I also wish I hadn't donated a lot of my old clothes to the Salvation Army. Based on my 2lb weight loss this week (that's 24.4lbs total thus far) I'm going to need to go shopping!