This past week finds me grabbing at straws.

This past week finds me grabbing at straws. I am up a pound and a half this week. Why? I can come up with hundreds of excuses. A head and chest cold that took me out of work for a day and put me on the couch most of the time when I was not working. I can blame it on the less than stellar weather we have had lately although, this past Saturday and Sunday were nice. On Sunday I finally got out of the house on a walk and bike ride with my daughter. I can blame it on too many sugary cough drops, or not enough fruits and vegetables. I can blame it on the Democrats or the Republicans. If I played my cards right I could possibly get compensated for it too because Republicans and Democrats are responsible for the woes of everyone. I can blame it on almost anything like so many other people do when something does not go their way. Or... I can blame myself.

In fact, that is what I am going to do. I am holding myself accountable for my weight gain.

The fact of the manner is, I ate the same amount of calories this week that I ate last week. The difference is, this week I did less activity. I walked less. I moved slower at work as the result of being sick. I did not move at all on Thursday except to go from my couch to my bed. I kept my calorie intake in the same range as I have been eating and losing one to two pounds a week doing it. As a result, my body did not burn calories the way it has been. This week, my body did exactly what it was supposed to do. It stored the calories it did not use as fat. This is what your body is hardwired to do.

Early man foraged for food. Eating it as he found it. Drawings of early man depict him to be lean and muscular. A hunter gatherer who needed to find food in order to survive.

Don't get me wrong, if early man had refrigerators, freezers, supermarkets, convenience stores, home improvement stores, where you can buy candy bars at the cash register and rivers flowing with cans of Coke, I am quite sure he would not be lean and muscular. My guess is he would be riding around on a rascal scooter hunting wooly mammoths while watching NETFLIX on his iPod and stopping at Wal-Mart long enough to pick up another spear that was mass produced in a third world country. This lack of activity and overabundance of everything are compelling reasons to live a simpler life.

The nice thing about understanding all this and holding myself accountable is I can now get back on track and continue my life journey. My cold is nearly gone. My refrigerator is filled up with fruits and vegetables again and tonight, my youngest daughter and I will venture out on my evening walk after dinner.

Simply put, there is no reason to give up because of one bad week. Just take accountability and drive on.

Next Week: Being down four pounds only means being down 2.5