Three area pooches are doing well after being victims of animal cruelty.

PIKE AND WAYNE COUNTIES — Three area pooches are doing well after being victims of animal cruelty.

Lexi, a Labrador-Pit Bull mix, was found with her muzzle and limbs duct taped together at the residence of Russell Seese.

Seese, 26, of Greentown, was charged Tuesday with two counts of animal cruelty for the act.

Lexi was released from veterinary care March 6 and "is approximately three years old" according to PA Humane Society Police Officer Marlene Metzger, who is employed by the Dessin Animal Shelter.

Lola, a five-year-old Catahoula, was found after an anonymous tip led officials to the Dingmans Ferry home of Jessica Cortes on Feb. 20.

The dog was "emaciated" according a release and was found "living the home's basement."

The dog was able to be viewed through a broken window by Metzger and the Pennsylvania dog warden.

Lola is "doing really well" and has gained about "20 pounds in two weeks."

When Lola was found she weighed approximately 24 pounds and is now up to a weight of 44 pounds.

Cortes was located by authorities and surrendered the animal to the Dessin Animal Shelter.

The third dog, a now five or six month old male German Shepard mix aptly named Dog, has become "a typical puppy."

The puppy was tied to the bumper of a truck and "dragged over a mile" on Bridge Street in Honesdale on Feb. 4.

Dog suffered "severe road rash, a sever laceration to the head and lost an ear," Metzger stated at the time of the incident.

Today, Dog "is going well" and his "hair is growing back" and his stitches have been removed.

The owner, Peter Ivosevic, 71, was charged with two counts of animal cruelty. The magistrate will determine if Ivosevic will regain custody of Dog. Currently, Dog is in foster care.

All of the dogs are in foster care and are not currently available for adoption.

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