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Lanie Brofsky
By Lanie Brofsky
March 5, 2013 12:01 a.m.

This yogurt shop has a little something extra that's got customers begging for more. After going to this establishment a couple months ago, I'd have to say that I'm completely hooked! They offer an array of flavors from fruity sorbets to thin mint fro-yo. But what's really unique is the toppings they have available. If your a health nut, 4 year old kid, or choco-holic they'll have something for you. Amoung the tasty dairy products they also have available soups, sandwiches, and other simple lunch items. If you haven't gone, I really recommend you try it out, and thank me later!
The Yo Cups Cafe that I have been going to is located at: 111 Hulst Drive, Suite 7
Matamoras, PA 18336
Phone Number: 570-491-2600

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