It's quite a time for sports in Wayne County.

Both the Honesdale and Wallenpaupack high school girls basketball teams are in the state tournament.

It's quite a time for sports in Wayne County.

Both the Honesdale and Wallenpaupack high school girls basketball teams are in the state tournament.

That is quite an accomplishment for these young ladies. And to put icing on the cake, both are district champions which gives them games closer to home.

Honesdale will be playing its next game on Saturday in Dunmore and Wallenpaupack will be playing this Friday at Scranton.

That means the fan followings should be enormous this weekend.

There's nothing like having a sports team in the state tournament for small towns. It's Americana pure and simple.

In difficult economic times, there is always tension in the air. The same can be said because of political differences on the local level.

But there's something about the local high school sports team that brings together entire communities.

People of all stripes will be rooting for their teams this week. It doesn't matter your income level or your occupation. None of that is relevant when you are in the stands rooting on the team.

For Wayne County, this is a big deal.

It's probably fair to say that almost everyone in the county knows someone associated with one of these two teams. Maybe a cousin or a friend who is a parent.

It gives it a more personal feeling and it also brings together even those who have major differences.

You might see a politician and that person's opponent sitting next to each other in the stands rooting for the team.

Last year, the Honesdale girls team went to the state tournament but came up short in a close game at Marywood University.

This Saturday, they get to go to the same place and it's likely last year's game will be fresh on the mind of the girls. In no uncertain terms, these girls don't want to make it a one-and-out tournament this year.

Last year, Honesdale had by far the largest contingent of fans at Marywood. They were loud and very supportive of the team. This year, that will likely be the same.

In fact, there might be even more people there this year and it's a safe bet they will be loud.

For Wallenpaupack, there is no doubt a huge crowd will be on hand at Scranton High School on Friday night.

This is a big chance for the fans to get to root on their team and it's a short drive down the Casey Highway.

There's just something about the local high school team doing well that bring out the best in a community. Sure, we are all proud of the athletes and how hard they work to be in school and play sports, but there seems to be more. A sense of pride that this is our team and we will cheer for them no matter the outcome.

We are certainly rooting for our teams to do well and move on in the tournament. They have the support of the entire community and it's always fun when your team is doing well.

No matter what happens, we will continue to be proud of these high school students. They are the pride of the county right now and we can already feel the excitement building.

Store fronts and information signs will no doubt spring up all week for these teams.

That is a good thing and we encourage everyone who can to attend these games and cheer for the teams.

They are the best of the best.