Had Dick Smith lived in Lake Huntington, I am guessing his famous song would be about the wildlife I encounter as I take my daily walks.

Had Dick Smith lived in Lake Huntington, I am guessing his famous song would be about the wildlife I encounter as I take my daily walks.

Actually, up until about two weeks ago, I was not aware of just how many potential predators and food sources were in my area.

Normally, my walks take place at around four in the morning right after I wake up. With the coming of warmer weather and a later setting sun, I ventured out one evening while it was still light. The normal group of deer were in my yard giving me dirty looks because I had not thrown out any vegetable scraps these last few days. As I headed down the road with Boston blasting in my earphones I noticed a couple of squirrels dashing around in my neighbors yard. These little guys did not have a care in the world and looked quite plump considering the bounty of spring and summer is a long ways off.

Rounding the corner and heading up the road I was surprised to see a falcon hanging out in a tree surveying the area. I thought it funny that just 500 feet up the road there were a couple of squirrels which would make an easy meal for this predator of the skies. As I headed down the road toward the lake, I happened to see a raccoon crossing the road. It had never occurred to me that these guys are nocturnal and probably waiting for my heart to give out so they can make a fast meal out of me. (Okay, a slow meal. I take satisfaction in knowing they would die from high cholesterol if they did chew me up.)

As I was nearing the end of my loop and heading back on to my road, I saw a flock of wild turkeys making their way towards the pond that sits at the end of my yard. I started thinking to myself and began to wonder just how many animals have been lurking in the woods while I am walking in the dark. Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Maybe not the first two. I do know that bears are a likelihood. I told this story to a friend of mine, an avid hunter, and he assured the bears and all the other animals are more afraid of me then I am of then. I have to object to that logic however. Until he can put a blood pressure cuff on a bear and check the bears vitals, I am betting I will be the one that goes in the woods, not the bear.

All kidding aside, I am urging everyone reading this to start walking. A little at first and then build up to a couple of miles. It only takes about 30 to 45 minutes a day or every other day. The results not only help your weight, they help your stress levels. An added benefit is I have come to appreciate the wildlife in my area. If I go off my diet anytime soon, there is a ton of food right outside my door. Deep fried turkey anyone?