The Great American Treasure Hunt is currently in the area, setting up shop at The Hotel Wayne until Saturday afternoon.

- The Great American Treasure Hunt is currently in the area, setting up shop at The Hotel Wayne until Saturday afternoon.

The company is based out of Ohio and was formed in 2012. It's a touring road show event which travels the North American continent and is free to the public.

"We buy gold, silver, antique collectibles, watches, and even silverware sets," said Mike Kerr, one of the buyers. "It's free and there's no obligation. We pay in cash too."

Kerr evaluates the items and finds what they could be worth.

He said they do their best to pay people "honestly and fairly."

"You hear about the companies that don't really look at the value or pay by check and you find later that the check bounced," Kerr said. "We want to help the customer out as best we can."

Rob Lawson, manager, added that they "give more care" to the customer and look more at the market value and what a person can get for an item right now.

"We also buy war memorabilia from World War II and older," Lawson said. "But we won't buy guns."

He said that they also take sports memorabilia from the 1960s and older, vintage guitars, comic books and event costume jewelry.

"We give a fair offer compared to what the market has," he said.

Lawson and Kerr are from Harrisburg and have been in this type of business for two years.

The tour is year-round and they go anywhere from Illinois to Massachusetts and a lot of the East Coast. Lawson said their next stop will be in Virginia next week.

This is the first year that The Great American Treasure Hunt has come to this area.

"I really enjoy this town," Lawson said. "The people are great and are very kind."

He said he really enjoys the job too.

"It's great meeting a lot of different people and seeing the different towns. We've seen a lot and it takes a lot to surprise us, but once in awhile we see something we've never seen before. We're unearthing history. And if we never saw something before we have experts to help us out. We have a great network of people working together."

Lawson added that the tour is successful so far. He said that people are sometimes "shocked about the prices" and what they can get.

They work with different refineries and collectors who will buy the items. Sometimes they are even placed in online auctions. It all depends on what the item is and what its potential could be.

The Great American Treasure Hunt will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. today and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.