It was called "Operation Penalty Stroke."

It was called "Operation Penalty Stroke."

On Friday, the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office conducted a major operation in Wayne County and the result was 20 people being arrested on drug related charges.

Earlier this week, there was another heroin-related arrest in Wayne County.

We editorialized this week about the drug problem which exists in this part of the country. Apparently, we were right on target.

Today's major announcement may or may not come as a surprise to people in Wayne County. Certainly, plenty of people were in on the drug ring, so people knew.

But what does it say about the issue of drugs in general?

It says, first, there is a drug problem. Obviously, a drug ring cannot operate unless there is a big need to supply people with drugs.

This ring was apparently based out of New York City and supplied cocaine to all of northeastern Pennsylvania.

It was allegedly operated out of Red Maples Golf Course in South Canaan. That's a place many people have visited and enjoyed. A quaint setting in the rolling hills of western Wayne County.

Apparently, a perfect place to base a drug operation of this magnitude.

The charging documents allege the golf course was the central distribution ring for the cocaine operation. Cocaine was apparently distributed throughout the entire region.

Undercover agents made drug purchases during the operation and the golf course was seized, according to the report released by the attorney general's office.

Some might think it is hard to believe such an operation was happening in Wayne County, especially at a golf course.

But it goes to show that drug dealers stop at nothing to get done what is necessary.

They know there is a big market for what they have to offer and that means there is a lot of drug use going on in this part of the country.

That means people have major drug habits.

Some have speculated that drugs are the root of much of the crime in this area, especially when it comes to theft. That is almost certainly the case.

Drug addicts have to have money to purchase their goods. To get that money, sometimes they have to steal. That leads to crime and can even lead to much more dangerous situations.

Just this week, there was a bank robbery and before that, an attempted robbery of a woman in a parking lot.

Though we can't speculate if those were drug related, you can't rule out that possibility.

And if it was the case, we're talking about the drug users.

It's those users which are the target of those who were busted at the golf course on Friday. Many times, the suppliers themselves aren't users. They are suppliers who are in it for the money.

Time will tell what was the case in this operation. The attorney general said the cases will be tried in Wayne County through the state AG's office.

Though that will not be for quite some time, it will eventually happen and the outcome will be fascinating.

We give a tip of the hat to the AG's office for this lengthy investigation. These are tough cases and you have to have a lot of evidence. Apparently, they did the due diligence and now it has paid off.