It's back!

Political season, believe it or not, is getting going once again.

It's back!

Political season, believe it or not, is getting going once again.

Filing has already started for various positions which will be on the ballot this year. We'll have more details about those positions in an upcoming edition.

They range from borough council to school boards to county positions and more.

It's election year in Wayne County.

Because of that, we wanted to state our policy when it comes to political announcements.

Any candidate who formally files for office can submit a story and photograph to run in this newspaper. There is no charge for the story. We ask that the stories be reasonable in length and be accompanied by a high resolution photo. Email submission is strongly preferred.

We will run each of the stories on our front page. They will run in the order submitted and as space allows.

Further information about the candidates will have to be in the form of paid advertising.

Additionally, it is our intention as a newspaper to conduct political forums later this year when the general elections are all set. We want to give the public the opportunity to meet the candidates and have the ability to hear their positions on the issues.

We are still working out the details on exactly which races we will feature during the forums as well as the format.

It is safe to say we will be soliciting questions from our readers to be presented at the forums which are scheduled.

We will do our best to schedule the forums in various places around the county, depending on what venues are available.

We believe strongly the voters have a right to know where the candidates stand on issues.

And there is no shortage of issues in Wayne County.

Everyone has felt the pinch of rising taxes and we will be asking those in office and those seeking office where they stand on the matter.

The future of education and how it impacts property owners is also a huge matter in this county. School board candidates will be asked about this so we can learn where they stand and what they see coming in the future.

We envision a format where the candidates will be asked those questions by a moderator. This will not be easy to organize, however, it is the duty of the newspaper to inform the public and we cannot think of a more important area than that of the elected leaders.

Any politician who has questions about our policy on submitting stories can contact Greg Little, editor, at 253-3055, ext. 315 or via email at

If you have advertising questions, call 253-3055, ext. 2.