It was short and sweet on Tuesday night.

It was short and sweet on Tuesday night.

In about five minutes or so, the Texas Township Supervisors decided there would no longer be a planning board for the township.

This comes after months of wrangling and some downright theatrics in the township.

What this issue really boiled down to was a lack of leadership and initiative on the part of the planning board.

At issue was the fact business owners in Texas Township — the most lucrative in all of Wayne County — were simply being ignored when it comes to the planning and zoning rules.

The planning board decided it was time to change the rules, most likely because of that growth.

However, what they forgot to do was consult with the business owners about said changes. They gave some pretty lame excuses about how time-consuming the process would be and other ridiculous reasons.

What it seemed to boil down to is this group of people didn't want the input of the business owners. Since all of that boiled over, there appears to be evidence to that effect with personal accusations and name calling.

What ended up happening to the board was the supervisors basically grew tired of the inconsistent and sometimes ridiculous statements.

But even then, the supervisors were trying to work with the planning board to get some resolution to the proposed changes.

Instead of reciprocating, the planning members decided to resign all at once. They did it at a public meeting and walked out the door.

That's when the supervisors began pondering an idea to simply dissolve the board and handle planning and zoning issues themselves.

That's exactly what they did on Tuesday night.

It may be a step in the right direction.


What the supervisors must do now is make sure they handle planning and zoning issues on a professional level. It will take time and patience on the part of the supervisors.

They are going to have to hear about things like drainage and concrete thickness and then make decisions.

This is not an easy task.

When it comes to planning, business owners want things a certain way. Sometimes, that is not possible but it takes backbone on the part of those who are making the decisions to stand up and say it has to be different.

The supervisors have now placed themselves in that position.

It is also true that people will attempt to apply political pressure to get certain things to go their way.

This, too, must be resisted and decisions have to be made based on facts — and facts alone.

One thing the supervisors should certainly do is continue the process of developing new rules and regulations.

In this day and age, things change quickly and new rules need to be developed.

They must include the business owners in this process. Business owners supply a lot of tax money and also pay wages which directly benefit Texas Township.

In spite of this rough economy, things are going pretty well in Texas Township.

A new liquor store and new auto parts store have just opened, meaning more tax dollars for the township.

These are key elements in the success of the township as well as Wayne County as a whole. What benefits Texas Township also has residual benefits to everyone.

We are rooting for the supervisors in this decision. We hope they are successful in moving things forward when it comes to planning and zoning.

If they are, it will help everyone.

If they are not, they need to take a hard look at their actions — even if it means eating humble pie.