- Nine students of Honesdale High School are heading off to sing their hearts out this Friday.

The competition will be held at Dallas High School in Dallas, PA and will run from Feb. 6-8, with a closing concert concert given at 7 p.m. Friday night.

Martha Curtis, the choir director at the high school, had nothing but praise for her selected students. "I'm absolutely very excited," she said.

She also said that this is the first time since she has been with Wayne Highlands that she "has a guy on every voice part." The students also did well during the district pre-auditions, with the majority placing in the top 10 for their part.

Joseph Spinosa is a senior at Honesdale High School. He will be singing at districts on the part of Bass I and this is his first year participating in the festival. Upon graduation, he says he is thinking about majoring in chemistry.

Thomas Hewlett is also a senior singing the part of Bass I. He has been in choir for "the past two years" and enjoys hearing harmonies come together. Upon graduation he will be furthering his education as a mechanical engineer.

Kelsey Frisk is a senior who is also attending her first district choir festival. Frisk will be singing the Alto II part and is "very excited" to be a part of the festival. She also has several college auditions planned for this month on French Horn. Frisk has been to district and regional band and plans to major in music education upon graduation.

Leah Schweighofer is attended her second district festival. She is a junior and is "very thrilled" to "be in a room with others to create music." Schweighofer will be singing the Soprano I part.

Haylee Goodenough is a junior and is attending her first district choir festival. She has been in choir "since middle school" and will be singing the part of Alto II.

Austin Orthouse is a senior and this will be his second district showing. He attended the district and regional festivals last year. Orthouse will be singing the Bass II part and upon graduation hopes to pursue a major in music tech.

Nick Jennings is a sophomore who sings Tenor I. This will be his first district event and he is "very excited" to participate in the festival.

Tim Farrand is a junior who attended the district festival last year. He will be attending not just as a tenor, but as the piano accompanist as well. Farrand had to audition separately on piano with all of the selections the choir will be performing.