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  • Speech was glimpse into what's coming

  • It was an interesting day on Monday with the inaugural speech delivered by President Obama, who began his second term.
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  • It was an interesting day on Monday with the inaugural speech delivered by President Obama, who began his second term.
    In his speech, the President outlined a broad number of issues relating to this country.
    It was interesting because of the variety of matters he brought to the table.
    He discussed climate change, gun violence, immigration reform, the debt and deficit, gay and lesbian issues and much more.
    Some of the spin doctors said it was a different kind of inaugural speech because it outlined such broad issues.
    It also set the bar — and showed what appears to be a new set of issues facing this country.
    For many, it is hard to accept that issues like gay rights and immigration are viewed differently than several years ago.
    But it is true.
    The face of this country is changing and so are attitudes.
    It's probably pretty safe to say that if you go into any random high school today, issues like race and homosexuality are not on the front burner. For many of those young people, these are non-issues. They see equality differently than older folks.
    And therein lies the heart of the matter.
    No matter how much we resist, the fact is everyone gets older. Generations age and then go away. With that, changes come within the next generations.
    It's hard to believe that just 50 years ago, this country was in the midst of a battle for equality for black people.
    But we were.
    Some still can't let that go, but they are quickly fading away into the sunset.
    Page 2 of 2 - Replacing those people are those who are much more tolerant and are focused on their futures.
    Interestingly, social issues have almost passed them by because they don't even see why it matters.
    As a nation, we have to recognize those changes.
    Or maybe we don't.
    The fact is, whether we deal with them or not, the next generation will and we'll fade into the sunset.
    It would seem a good time for our elected leaders to take some time and reflect on what is happening.
    Hatred and vile behavior need to go away. And quickly.
    It's probably safe to say that within the next 10-15 years, things will change even more. Attitudes are always changing and the issues evolve and are passed on to the next group of leaders.
    For some, having that group in leadership positions can't come quick enough.
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