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Unusual, But Beautiful, Countertop Materials
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Jan. 16, 2013 12:06 p.m.

Check out these unusual, but beautiful, countertop materials. All of these photos were shared on Hometalk.com by Brooks Custom, a kitchen designer and contractor based just outside of New York City.
Hometalk.com." src="http://www.networx.com//media/343x457/art_50edcb84c2f7a.jpeg" alt="undefined" />
Hometalk.com." src="http://www.networx.com//media/610x457/art_50edcbac6447c.jpeg" alt="undefined" />
Hometalk.com." src="http://www.networx.com//media/610x457/art_50edcbee55391.jpeg" alt="undefined" />
Hometalk.com." src="http://www.networx.com//media/610x367/art_50edcc18c8221.jpeg" alt="undefined" />
Hometalk.com." src="http://www.networx.com//media/610x457/art_50edcc431597f.jpeg" alt="undefined" /> View original post.

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