If you're new to the gym scene, let the Buff Bloggers help you ease you into it!

So the new year is here and you're finally going to do it! You are going to drop those pesky pounds! You even got a gym membership for Christmas. Now what? The following are tips to help you on your way to achieving your goal.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Ask for a tour of the facility before you go to work out that way you know where things are. If you are unsure of how to do a certain exercise or how to use a certain piece of equipment, ask to make an appointment with a trainer. Ask about fitness classes so you can find one to your liking. A bit of advice I'd like to share is that if you don't ask and seriously hurt yourself you won't be able to work out for a long time. If you simply ask a question you can save yourself a wold of hurt.

When you find a fitness class you want to try, attempt to arrive about 10 minutes early. This is so you can fill out any necessary paperwork, get to the appropriate place, and talk to the instructor.

When using the health center of the gym, be aware of the other members. Make sure nobody is using the equipment you are going to use, clean up your weights when you are finished using them, sanitize your machine after use, and not throwing your weights are a few ways to keep everyone happy.

While its a good gym practice to be considerate, you also shouldn't feel intimidated. By this I mean that serious weight lifter, that runner, and that flexible yoga participant all started right where you did. Keep in mind, “slow and steady wins the race.” Take your time, make every move count and don't worry about anybody else.

If it hurts, stop immediately. There's a difference between the “burn” of a muscle working, and a pain in a muscle injured. You are aiming for the burn, which should occur by the end of the set you are performing. The last few repetitions should be difficult. If you are in the middle of a movement and you feel a pull/pop/sharp pain, STOP IMMEDIATELY. Do not try to keep going or you may cause major damage.