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By Lanie Brofsky
Jan. 5, 2013 7:59 p.m.

During the holiday season, I have been brain storming some new ideas for the blog. One of them that I've had my brain wrapped around is my reader's own recipes. Some of you have come up to me with the idea in the past, and I'm finally going to do something about it. Along with my own of course, I would like to get your recipes out there! I would give credit where it's due and i email you the day it's published. I thought this would be a little something different for the blog, and more interesting! Along with the slew of recipes, I would like to include restaurants you can't miss, and cook books you have to read! I hope you all love the new blog, I know I'm excited!
For you readers that want to let me publicise your recipes, you can email me at vintagemoooseears@aim.com with the recipe and the how to's.

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