As you read this, Christmas is once again upon us.

As you read this, Christmas is once again upon us.

Sometimes, it's hard to believe another year has passed. It seems like it was just yesterday when we were discussing Christmas of 2011.

Yet here we are again, celebrating the seasons and, like almost everyone, eating too much at the homes of our relatives.

This has been a very eventful year in Wayne County, for sure.

From disturbing issues to uplifting stories, much has taken place.

One thing which has not changed, and likely never will, is the generosity offered by this area's residents.

Whether it's helping those less fortunate get a Christmas present or all of those people who stepped up to the plate to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, Wayne County is a caring place.

That's one quality which will never change when it comes to the people of this area.

There is no doubt the people of this area have stark differences of opinions on many subjects. And there are a wide variety of subjects.

One of the most obvious is hydro-fracturing, an issues as divisive as it comes. We've all heard, and witnessed, the disagreements.

But even folks on both sides of that issue manage to put away their differences when it comes to helping others.

That's the beauty of living in Wayne County.

All you have to do is look at various causes this time of year.

Whether it is "stuffing a truck" with toys or high school students volunteering their time at a local food pantry, the goodness is all around us.

But beyond the holiday season, people are always looking out for each other in this area. And it goes all year around.

The disaster of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 is a prime example.

People in Wayne County jumped right in and began sending help to those victims in New York and New Jersey. Full semis were loaded up with everything from food to clothing and a volunteer driver headed east to help those in need.

The people didn't have to do this — they wanted to do it to help their fellow human beings.

When push comes to shove, the bottom line is we are all human beings and the majority of us do care about others. A large majority.

It seems locally, that number is even larger. Very few people in Wayne County will turn their backs on fellow human beings.

One of the reasons may be that most of us have been down on our luck at one time or another. It could be the loss of a job or a divorce. We've all been there and it's not easy.

But in almost every case, someone will help pick us up, whether it's just a friendly chat or maybe making a meal and sharing stories.

That is how the people of Wayne County operate — and it is a wonderful thing.

During this Christmas season, all of us at The Wayne Independent wish you and yours the very best and hope you are enjoying friends and family this time of year.

We also know you will be doing that all year long and that's what makes this such a great place to live.