Local businesses who have been practicing good conservation efforts are now being recognized.

— Local businesses who have been practicing good conservation efforts are now being recognized.

SEEDS has honored these local businesses for those efforts.

In order to reach the Silver level, 36 or more points had to be achieved on the Wayne Business Conserve application. Points were given for conservation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning; lighting, door, computer and water controls; weatherization and insulation; transportation incentives; purchasing and waste prevention; recycling; and behavior leadership.

The WBC program is modeled off several other successful programs in the United States and is funded in part by PPL-Electric Utilities E-Power.

The efforts are saving businesses money as well as resources and contribute to the economic health of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Turano Insurance

Turano Insurance Inc. is very adamant about upkeep of their building. A tight envelope usually translates to savings in energy efficiency.

They have reinsulated their attic with foam insulation, sealed all their windows and installed low-flow toilets.

About five years ago they installed a solar photovoltaic system and now get paid for the electricity they create about seven months of the year.

Within the past few years, they installed an electric water heating and cooling system which is fueled by the solar panels most months of the year.

The development of digital faxing has allowed them to go paperless and use 5 percent less paper than four years ago.

What motivated them to participate in this program?

“Indirectly it’s good for the community. A puzzle isn’t completed until all the pieces are there. So if we can be there to help the community be more independent, that’s great," said Luke Turano.

"We installed the solar panels in parallel with the 2010 SEEDS WBC program. It’s where things are going. You can’t be ignorant. We used to use a ton of paper. Also the bottom line, by already completing the tasks on the WBC application and doing some of the things we’d like to do, it lowers out bottom the line. If every single business in Honesdale did as much as they possible could, the whole draw would be less.”

The business is located at 955 Main Street in Honesdale. A participant since 2010, the company employs seven people.

For more information, visit turanoinsurance.org.