It's the holiday season.

That time of year when people are trying to raise their spirits and wish for a better 2013.

It's the holiday season.

That time of year when people are trying to raise their spirits and wish for a better 2013.

And then there's Washington, D.C.

While Americans struggle to purchase Christmas presents, the elected leaders in Washington continue to play a game of chicken with our future.

The looming "fiscal cliff" fiasco, as it is commonly know, has become the focal point of the financial future of America.

But what does that mean right here in Wayne County?

For one, it could mean higher taxes on people who continue to try to find ways to purchase groceries each week.

One of the lesser known parts of the scenario has to do with the payroll taxes which all workers fork out in each check. Under the current plan, the contribution to the Social Security fund dropped 2 percent. That means your check has had 2 percent extra for the past year.

Should no deal be made, that 2 percent would once again be taken out of your paychecks. That's not a good thing.

There are many other precarious financial woes hanging in the balance, as well.

What too many in Washington fail to understand is just how much Americans are struggling to get by. They fly in and out of Washington, hang out at their offices, eat expensive meals with lobbyists and have no clue what the average person has to do just to buy medicine.

And then they walk in front of the microphones and cry about how it's everybody else's fault but their own.

They are hypocrites.

These elected leaders will have big, fat pensions waiting for them when they leave office — and we're footing the bill.

They have very little incentive to do anything but toe the party line and point fingers at the other side. This goes for members of both parties.

Another point many of them fail to remember is there was an election a few weeks ago and the people spoke.

Whether you like it or not, President Obama was reelected. That was a statement from the American people.

Some will say it was because he had a weak opponent. That may be true, but it doesn't change the fact an election was held.

Part of the statement made by the voters is they want something done.

The politicians, however, aren't listening.

It seems all of this time, money and energy was put into an election and once it was over, they all went back to Washington to continue their misguided ways.

The arguments we are hearing now are the same old tired ones we heard before the election. The same ones we heard during fiscal debates last year.

The same old, same old.

A major problem is there doesn't seem to be any end in sight for this problem. The politicians are more polarized than ever and it is the people who are paying the price.

Choosing between food and medicine is not the American way. Or at least it wasn't until these yahoos were put in charge of the budget.

The members of Congress are ultimately responsible for coming up with sound fiscal policy. They can take input from everywhere, but it is on their backs.

And they are failing.

People are hurting and these people were not sent to Washington to listen to lobbyists or their wealthy donors. They were sent to represent the people.

Unfortunately, they might as well be living on Mars they are so out of touch.

It is a sad state of affairs we are in and the blame goes solely on those we entrusted to fix the problems.

A sad state, indeed.