It looks like things may be changing when it comes to the intersection of 4th and Main streets in Honesdale.

(You can read a detailed story on page 1 of today's newspaper.)

Yet many questions remain about the process which continues to take place concerning the intersection.

We learned on Friday that CVS is ready and able to change the intersection to satisfy the concerns of many on the council.

However, the question remains whether the council should go ahead and give approval for the project on Monday night. Technically, the council should wait until the new configuration of the intersection is approved by both the borough engineer and PennDOT officials.

CVS will be proposing that borough council approve the matter Monday night and will likely be presenting a "developer's agreement" which will state they do intend to reconfigure the intersection.

What the council chooses to do remains in question.

What is clear about this matter is the process has been questionable from the beginning.

There have been meetings over the past years about the matter, however, it wasn't until less than two weeks ago that CVS revealed they had already had discussions about purchasing land to reconfigure the intersection.

This is troubling.

The appearance is they didn't want to choose this option though it appears to be the right way to go. Also, it is troubling that the Wayne Highlands School District was not involved in discussions.

More troubling, however, is the fact the public has been left out of the equation.

It can't be emphasized enough how big of a deal this intersection is in the big scheme of things. Thousands of motorists travel through it every day. Thousands of school children travel through it every day. The same is true of tractor-trailers which must go through that intersection.

Nearly everyone in Wayne County is impacted by this intersection and it's no secret it is already dysfunctional.

Each and every day during the school year, traffic backs up the hill, backs up Terrace Street and down Main Street because there all three lights are in close proximity.

That is a big factor in any decisions made about the intersection.

It can't be emphasized enough that the CVS project is a positive thing for Honesdale. There are very few people who think anything else.

However, any project of this magnitude has to be completed very publicly. We are all paying for the roads and traffic lights so we all have a stake in the decisions.

What that means is the government agency in charge of these decisions needs to be open and honest about its actions. In this case, at least some officials at Honesdale Borough don't appear to be making that happen.

This isn't rocket science. It's basic government which is meant to serve the people who fund that government.

We realize it's not an easy thing to understand the inner workings of government, but those elected have a duty to become educated on the proper protocol.

They need to understand the details of the Sunshine Law and why it is so important for them to err on the side of openness.

If that was taking place, this entire fiasco with the CVS project would have played out much differently. Those who didn't bother to understand the law are solely to blame on why this happened.