Saying that Kristen Anderson is passionate is an understatement.

— Saying that Kristen Anderson is passionate is an understatement.

A longtime volunteer at Dessin Animal Shelter, Anderson takes pride in working with animals and making sure they are placed in good homes.

But an incident which happened in September has brought that to the forefront even more.

It was then that 60 beagles were recovered following an alleged murder-suicide in the Newfoundland area.

Thanks to many volunteers at Dessin as well as other shelters in the region, nearly all of the dogs survived. In fact, nearly all of them have been placed in good homes.

With the exception of three.

Two of them are females, one about seven years old and another who is around two.

And then there is Claude.

"I believe in this dog," said Anderson. "He was in a bad situation and he deserves a chance."

Anderson has been personally taking care of Claude since he was rescued. But she is hoping someone else can take over and Claude can be adopted before the holidays.

Claude is a special case.

He is between 10 and 12 years old, said Anderson, and is basically in good health with the exception of his teeth, which are in bad condition.

Anderson has been treating his teeth and she hopes someone will step forward and if not adopt Claude, at least help out with the funding needed to help his teeth.

"We have a senior dog who needs a home and he has poor teeth," said Anderson. "I hope we can raise funding for him for his special needs."

She also hopes someone in the area will step forward and give Claude a loving home to live out his senior years.

"He is definitely a senior beagle," says Anderson, who calls Claude "very quirky."

She said because of his situation, it would be best if Claude could go to a home with another dog. Part of the reason is he had been around other dogs for such a long time.

She did say he is a very well behaved dog, calling him "low maintenance."

One of his favorite things to do is laying on the couch and watching television.

Anderson did say Claude is housebroken but he needs to be on a tight schedule because of his age.

Anderson also said since she has been taking care of Claude, he has been improving and becoming more social.

"He's getting playful," reports Anderson.

Anderson is willing to introduce anyone interested in Claude with a personal visit. All you have to do is contact Dessin Animal Shelter at 253-4037 and they will make arrangements for a meeting.

"I am making it my mission to get them homes before the new year," said Anderson about Claude and the two females.

She said people who have taken the other dogs from those recovered in Newfoundland have reported all are doing very well.

"They are doing fine and they are good dogs," said Anderson.

Betty is a female begale who is around seven years old and Chloe is about two. Both are being housed at Dessin and can be seen there during regular business hours.

Anderson said all of the dogs are good around older children but are not good around cats.

For Anderson, seeing a cruelty situation is tough, but she realizes it happens and wants to help in any way possible.

She did say that in this situation, the dogs were fed well and there didn't seem to by any major medical problems or fleas.

However, all 60 were living inside of a mobile home. There was a large space for them to run in the yard.

"They had an ample place to run but no way to socialize," said Anderson.

She is hoping the final three can find homes for the holiday which would, in some ways, complete a mission.

"When you see a cruelty case and start from the beginning, you want to see it through to the end," said Anderson.