Too many eggs on your hands?

Too many eggs on your hands? Is there just no more room in the fridge to fit them? Well here are some helpful hints/recipes to get rid of them in a tasty way!

1. Frittatas

         - Jazz up breakfast with this helpful hint. Kind of like a omlette just a little fancier. You slow cook it in a deep dish pan or for minis a muffin pan. And just like an omlette the add its can be anything you'd like! The only difference is that it requires alot of whipping to get air into the eggs and make them fluffy.

2. Quiche

         - A sort of "egg pie" quiche can be made to eat for breakfast or lunch. Here is a simple recipe for one delish dish!

3. Home made Mayo

         - everything's better when you make it yourself, so why not try this recipe? It just requires a little extra elbow grease than opening a jar.

             1 cup of oil (not olive oil, it's too strong of a flavor)

             1 egg

             1 tablespoon white vinegar

             1/2 teaspoon of mustard (dry or wet)

             1 lemon juiced

             A pinch of salt and pepper

      Whip together egg, vinegar, and mustard until foamy. Then gradually add oil in slowly and whip like crazy! Add juice, salt, and pepper to taste. You want a thick consistancy with your mayo, but be carefull. Whisking too much can break the mayonnaise.