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  • Veterans do deserve help for service

  • On our front page today is a story about how the local Veterans of Foreign War chapter has declining membership.
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  • On our front page today is a story about how the local Veterans of Foreign War chapter has declining membership.
    This is a dilemma faced by many service organizations from the Jaycees to the Elks.
    Finding "new blood" seems to get harder and harder as time goes by.
    But with the veterans organizations, this is really a problem that shouldn't exist.
    The reasons are multiple.
    First, we are currently in the longest war in our nation's history, so there are more and more veterans. It's also a fact we've had a lot of conflicts over the past 20 years.
    The other factor in all of this is that organizations which deal with veterans can provide a lot of assistance to veterans. Many veterans don't realize just how much assistance is available.
    Local chapters of the VFW, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and others are there to assist veterans in getting proper benefits.
    The Veterans Administration, by most accounts, has greatly improved its service over the past decade. The federal government, too, has recognized the many different syndromes that are caused by war.
    Whether it's Agent Orange from the Vietnam era or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is suffered by a large number of vets, the government recognizes these and offers help.
    That's where the local service organizations and the Veterans Services Officer at the county come into play. They can help veterans — and their families — deal with these very difficult and get the treatment they deserve.
    Our veterans have put everything on the line in service to this country. They march into enemy fire, not away.
    But when they come back, life is not easy. Whether it's employment issues or health matters, they deserve to have the proper treatment.
    We realize joining a group might not be for everybody, but you don't even have to join. Simply go talk to someone who has knowledge of the programs and see how they can help.
    Veterans deserve these services and we should do everything in our power to make sure the system works for them.
    They did put their lives on the line so we should give them every opportunity possible.
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