Sometimes, this newspaper, and many others, are accused of always printing "bad news."

Sometimes, this newspaper, and many others, are accused of always printing "bad news."

Though nothing could be further from the truth, that is how the perception is viewed by many.

Certainly, the news of the area isn't always positive. Bad things happen in life and we report on those things.

But if you look closely each and every day, you will find this newspaper — and most — are generally full to positive stories.

Each day, you will find local stories on page 3 of this newspaper. Most are about upcoming events or a variety of things happening in the community.

Our page 5 generally has some local columns or information which is positive. Today you can read about a "goofy" bear which wanders into an area backyard on a regular basis.

We also have our regular "Do Something" calendar feature in each day as well as comics. It would be hard to find negative in those.

Our sports pages, too, are always filled with positive and uplifting stories about area athletes. You would be hard pressed to find anyone as dedicated to local athletics as our sports editor, Kevin Edwards.

With all of that in mind, we turn your attention to today's front page.

All four stories on our front page today are about positive and uplifting groups and events in this area.

We have a story about the Victims Intervention Program event which was held Friday night in Tafton. Certainly, the issues which those at VIP deal with are anything but positive, but it was uplifting to see so many area folks turn out to support VIP.

This is a group well worth supporting and they are doing some of the most important work in our area.

There's also a story about this past Sunday's Veterans Day program in Honesdale.

Again, what they are marking is grim — those who have given their lives for this country. But the story itself is very uplifting and shows the dedication and loyalty shown by the men and women who have sacrificed for America.

The ceremony was especially touching this year with a young cadet from West Point giving the keynote address. He spoke of how he did not deserve to be the speaker because he had not yet seen combat.

But the mere fact he was there and has dedicated his life to serving this country made him the perfect person to address the audience.

Another story on the front page is about the annual Lions Club Bonanza Banquet. This annual gathering is a major event for the club.

One aspect of the banquet is to make donations to area organizations who help out the community in a variety of ways. Nine charitable organizations were honored this year by the Lions Club and it goes to show just how many people are involved in serving the local area.

The Lions Club itself deserves a tip of the hat as they are always involved in various events, all targeting helping the community. Their eyeglass campaign, which goes on all year long, has helped countless young people along the way.

The final piece of our front page is about the upcoming Christmas parade in Honesdale. Organized by the Greater Honesdale Partnership, this event is annually looked forward to by everyone in the community.

There's nothing like a good parade and having one to kick off the holiday season is something special.

It also reminds us all of how important it is to support our local businesses who do so much for this area.

Certainly, not every front page is going to be like this one. There are going to be crimes and shenanigans by local officials. That is life. And we will continue to report on all of the news.

But the next time someone says everything in the newspaper is negative, pull out today's edition and show people that not all news is bad. In fact, much of the news is very good.