It is finally here.

It is finally here.

After all the shoutin', name calling, lies, deception, billions of dollars and annoying advertising, the election is taking place today.


From what we can gather, even the most ardent of politicos are about fed up with everything which has happened. Normalcy, well at least some semblance of it, may be had starting tomorrow.

But we all know no matter the outcome, there are going to be those who continue to cast stones. Some will scream voter fraud, others will shout about lack of voting opportunity.

It's a never ending cycle.

And it's why the system needs to be reformed.

The onslaught of an unprecedented amount of money poured into campaigns this year has been tiring. If the money was being spent on touting the positions of the candidates, that would be one thing.

Instead, all we get are attack ads followed by more attack ads.

Our system is broken.

What really needs to happen in this country is real election reform.

Yet with the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court, that appears a long way off.

That is a sad comment in itself.

Pouring endless amounts of money into a campaign is nothing short of attempted brainwashing by the political powers that be. It is their goal to confuse voters and trick them into casting ballots for certain candidates.

Unfortunately, it works.

Uninformed voters can make the difference in a election and that may be the saddest comment of all. Many people simply turn on the television and make decisions based on proven lies.

It speaks pretty poorly of the electorate.

However, the bigger picture is that election reform must take place — yet that will be a daunting task.

Think of the television executives rolling in cash this time of year. They certainly are happy with the system which is in place. Advertising dollars are the driving force behind almost all media. That means those advertising dollars can have influence.

What this country needs is real reform.

We need to take the money out of the hands of the politicians, for one. Or at least most of the money.

In some countries, campaigning is limited to just a couple of months. On top of that, the money for campaigning is provided through the government and is strictly limited.

Sure, some may argue, that's all we need is government providing money. But if you think about it, think of the millions and millions of dollars which wouldn't be poured into these campaigns. Maybe the millionaires could do what they say is good practice — become job creators.

Instead, they pour their money into trying to influence elections and thus influencing policy.

Just think if those millions went to fix roads — or power grids. Now that's something everyone can relate to after the recent storm which devastated the east coast and caused power outages in over 20 states.

But the likelihood of that happening is right up there with the aliens coming down and giving us a better life. Heck, the aliens might be a better possibility.

But even through all of these problems, one thing remains constant — the ability to vote.

No matter your political views, today is the date to exercise your most basic right as an American. If you don't vote, don't complain.

We urge everyone to go to the polls today and cast a ballot. No matter the outcome, at least you can say you participated.