It is no surprise that Hurricane Sandy has been the talk since the storm crashed ashore on Monday night.

It is no surprise that Hurricane Sandy has been the talk since the storm crashed ashore on Monday night.

In this area, we were spared the wrath of the storm as far as rain and total destruction.

However, we certainly have not been spared totally, given how many people are still without power.

Fortunately, many local organizations, including area schools, are helping out by allowing people to take showers and charge up their electronic devices.

But there remains a bigger question when it comes to how government reacts to what seems to be increasing incidents like Sandy.

Let's take Wayne County and Honesdale Borough, for example.

On Monday, with the storm bearing down, officials from both of these entities had meetings to discuss their strategies for the impending storm.

That was the correct step.

But what happened next remains questionable.

Both Honesdale Borough hall and the county courthouse were closed on Tuesday.

It was understandable that this was considered on Monday, but was that decision really necessary before anyone knew just how hard the storm was going to hit in this area?

It was becoming more and more clear on Monday night that the heart of the storm was going to go south. Rainfall predictions for this area came down dramatically on Monday afternoon.

Though you just never know until it actually happens, weather predictions are becoming more and more reliable.

The point here is when situations like this arise, it has become apparent that government needs to be involved.

It would seem reasonable that Honesdale Borough hall and at least some county department should have been open on Tuesday. That day would have been the time those officials could have been helping people who needed assistance or guidance.

What was the purpose of having people stay home? Sure, some may have not been able to get out because of downed trees or other problems, but it seems the majority would have been able to report to work and help people when it was needed.

The appearance is a decision was made in haste and no room was made for adjustments. When those decisions were made, it was simply because they did not know what was going to happen. It then became clear that this area was going to be spared the worst of this major disaster.

It was at that point local government officials should have made the decision to remain in business and help those in need.

It is at least something to consider when dealing with such incidents. It has become apparent these kinds of situations are becoming more and more common. Let anyone who wants to argue why this is happening, but the fact remains it is happening.

For two years in a row, it is possible more school will be missed because of flood and storm events rather than snow. That should tell us something right there.

If you have feelings about this, please let your elected leaders know. It is the public which funds the government, so those who are in charge should know your feelings.