Trying to keep up with the demands of the retirement system was one topic for the Wayne Highlands School board this week.

— Trying to keep up with the demands of the retirement system was one topic for the Wayne Highlands School board this week.

The board conducted its regular monthly meeting at Preston Area School in Lakewood on Monday night.

The week before, at the board's monthly committee meeting, a recommendation had been made to commit excess funds from the current budget into the system.

Superintendent Greg Frigoletto explained that because there was a mild winter last year, the district had a surplus of more than $900,000 in its budget.

Jeff Firmstone, district business manager, told the board the demands of the retirement system mean more funds have to be set aside for the program.

The Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) fund has been a hot topic of debate in Wayne County and around the state.

Sen. Lisa Baker attended a meeting this past Saturday and discussed the issue with taxpayers.

Baker said all public retirement systems are putting a major strain on the state budget and she thinks the system needs to be reformed. Whether that can happen or not remains to be seen.

With the current system in place, it means larger commitments are needed by local school districts for the next several years.

On Monday night, the board voted unanimously to commit $840,895 from the 2011-12 budget to the retirement system.

In another move, the board also voted unanimously its intention to commit any excess funds from the 2012-13 budget to the retirement system.

Here is other business handled by the board:

• Approved bills totaling $131,189 to be paid from the district's construction fund.

The bills were for work ranging from the first floor renovation at Honesdale High School to technology hardware upgrades.

• Approved hiring substitute custodians William Yanacek, Thomas Anderson and Kolby Lowe along with substitute teachers Joshua Perry and Heather Rowles.

• Approved a Child Rearing Leave for Natasha Valerio using sick days and Family Medical Act leave beginning around March 13.

• The board approved bus and car/van contracts and substitute drivers for the 2012-13 school year.

• Approved the following coaches and advisors for winter 2012:

Wrestling — Ryan Chulada, head coach; Joseph Arnone, varsity assistant coach; Chad Schuman, junior high head coach; Kyle Schuman, junior high assistant coach; Christopher Carroll, David Olver, Kyle Olver and Matthew Rickard, volunteer assistants.

Girls basketball — Tracy Ludwig, head coach; Michael Lyle, varsity assistant head coach; Stephen Langendoerfer, freshmen head coach; Michael Miller, 8th grade head coach; Robert Rogers, 7th grade head coach; David Semon, Ronald Rowe and Andrew Rickard, volunteers.

Weight training — Joseph Luchansky, winter supervisor for mornings; Peter West, winter supervisor, afternoons. Others appointed include James Ludwig, Daniel Patrisso, Sue McDermott, Holly Stanton, Kim Lawson, Dorothy Rickard, Judy Kich and Brian Gillow.

Cardio-Fitness Room — Holly Stanton and Judy Kich, afternoon supervisors.

Cheerleading advisors — Wrestling, Julie Becker; boys basketball, Alisha Thompson; boys basketball volunteer, Lesley Freer; girls basketball, Rebecca Rowe; girls basketball volunteer, Jamie Brown.

Ski advisors — William Gibney, high school; Eugene Hopkins, middle school; Rosanne Alexander, Damascus; Jenna Morgan, Preston.

Damascus basketball — James Rutledge, 7th and 8th grade boys coach; David Patrisso, 7th and 8th grade girls coach.

• Approved low quotes for athletic transportation for 2012-13 winter sports.

Those include:

Varsity boys basketball, Randon Bodie, $2,690.

- Boys freshman basketball, Randon Bodie, $1,830.

- 7th and 8th grade boys basketball, Gloria Haun, $1,995.

- Varsity girls basketball, Randon Bodie, $2,615.

- 7th and 8th grade girls basketball, Gloria Haun, $1,650.

- Varsity wrestling, Randon Bodie, $4,305.

- Junior high wrestling, Randon Bodie, $2,910.

• The board also approved hiring Joseph Kosicuk as varsity second assistant coach for the remainder of the 2012-13. At a recent meeting, the board accepted the resignation of Darren Diehl from that position. No explanation other than a "personnel matter" was given by the board.

• The board voted unanimously to send members George Korb and Kim Eldred to the 2013 National School Board Association convention. The board did not publicly announce when and where the convention will be held nor the cost. A check of the NASB website indicates the convention will be in San Diego, Calif., April 13-15.

Registration amounts for the conference range from $725 to $920. There are also various fees for a wide variety of workshops. Those fees range from $75 to $375.

There are also six meal functions listed on the registration form. Those range in price from $45 for breakfast to $65 for luncheon events.

• The board announced that Amanda O'Rourke will receive tenure on Nov. 12.