– The Wayne County Builders Association (WCBA), recently added 44 new members during their recent membership drives.

The recruitment events were sponsored by The Dime Bank, a dedicated and supporting member since 1993. The goal of the membership drive was to further bolster an already solid association, with over 190 members and one of the largest local chapters in the state association.

Membership growth enables the association to provide homeowners with more information and resources to assist them in choosing a reliable and reputable contractor.

WCBA holds all of its members to the highest standards in the building industry and new members are no exception. Members must sign and adhere to the WCBA code of ethics and are registered with the state through the Attorney General's office.

As a member of the WCBA, you have access to educationalprograms, standard contract forms and the latest in industry news, trends and techniques.

"Adding 44 new members with a retention rate of over 80 percent when our industry is going through such challenging times shows the strength of Wayne County Builders Association and value of benefits and services it provides to our membership," states John R. Bea, President of the WCBA. "The success of this event would not have been possible without the backing of The Dime Bank for which we are very appreciative."

Wayne County Builders Association is a non-profit association representing the residential construction industry.

It is comprised of over 190 members and is an affiliate of the Pennsylvania Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders.

If you would like more information on the Wayne County Builders Association or becoming a member of the association, please visit their website at www.WayneCountyBuilders.com or call (570) 226-4941.