Something disingenuous is happening in Texas Township.

Something disingenuous is happening in Texas Township.

It's not the fact township officials are working to change the zoning laws. That's an exercise which probably needs to happen.

Texas Township has grown rapidly over the past 15 to 20 years and the old laws are probably antiquated and need to be studied.

There are certainly some business owners who don't like what is happening because they have large sums of money invested in Texas Township.

That, too, is understandable.

One thing which has not happened properly in Texas Township is for the officials to work closely with the business owners. That was evident at their most recent meeting when a large group showed up to protest what was happening.

That is a huge mistake on the part of township officials. It is the business owners who pay employees and pay property taxes to help support the township. That means township officials should go out of their way to work with the business owners. Hopefully, they will see the light on this issue and make it happen.

But what is even more disingenuous is what one member of the township's planning commission had to say about the entire process.

John Bartron basically told us on Monday that they didn't have to tell us, or anyone for that matter, why they took certain actions. The specific issue was why the board voted to not allow public comments at their workshops. He said they didn't have to.

If that's the case, then why would the board have to vote to tell people they can't talk? Obviously, public participation must be allowed if a vote has to be taken to basically tell the public to shut up and go away.

This action from Bartron smells of arrogance and basically just spouting off without knowing the law or the facts.

Let's be clear here, there was probably a good reason Barton was appointed to this board. The supervisors were likely tired of his rantings and ravings at their meetings, some of which were at one time directed at the board.

He then began a feud with Georgette Poscatto, who ran for township supervisor but lost.

His rants and finger-pointing at township meetings are almost legendary, if not laughable.

It was during all of this that Barton was appointed to the board. Suddenly, his tune changed and he became a cheerleader for the supervisors.


Not likely.

You have to give the supervisors some credit for putting what was once a big thorn in their side onto a committee which makes recommendations to those same supervisors. It took the target off of their backs.

But a basic question remains.

Is he effective as a member of this board?

If his public statement about not having to let anyone know regarding certain actions is the case, the question remains open.

It is a fact these people serve in voluntary roles and they are not easy positions.

But it's also a fact they are accountable to the public. When you put on the boots, you better be prepared to walk in the mud.

So far, it appears there is some quicksand out in Texas Township.