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  • Marriages, divorces and property transfers

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  • Marriages, divorces and property transfers
    Marriage Licenses
    Michael Asher Swingle Jr. and Margaret Mary Rice
    Timothy Robert Wallace and Rebecca Lynn Faulk
    Austin Daniel Reddington and Erin Elizabeth Williams
    Frank John Meliti and Jennifer Lynn Boyle
    Christopher Gerald Tallman and Kristen Ann Brown
    Randall William Canfield and Amanda Nicole Oriani
    Kelly Edward Czapnik and Vicki Ann Steffen
    Kevin Tyler Zuhone and Ashley Janet Nober
    Philip Lester Card and Robin Marie Allen
    Alexander Dominik Braun and Alanna Pilcavage
    Robert Thomas McVeigh and Elizabeth Marie Giglio
    John Matthew Dixon and Kayla Lynn Gelderman
    Michael Thomas Kacer and Delores Eva Masters
    Timothy Wayne Nightingale and Michelle Lang
    Divorce Decrees
    Kevin Endriss vs. Wanda Endriss
    Michael Destefano vs. Gail Destefano
    Rachel Beavers vs. Paul J. Beavers
    Florine M. Treon N/K/A Kremp vs. Timothy P. Treon
    Jerome Paige vs. Shirell Paige
    Charles D. Slater vs. Arleen Slater
    Jacquelyn Lavery-Conti vs. Robert Conti
    Margaret Heather Wood N/K/A vs. Donald A. Wood Jr.
    Linda S. Allan vs. Richard W. Allan
    Walter J. Terry vs. Lorraine Mary Terry
    Vanessa Ammeraal vs. Garry Ammeraal
    Valerie Cullins vs. Bart C. Cullins Sr.
    Rachel Anne Bakota vs. Andreas Bakota
    Kristen P. Buli vs. Jeffrey Alan Buli
    Property Transfers
    The following property transfers for August 2012 were recorded in the Wayne County courthouse, Honesdale, PA. Abbreviations used are as follows: EXR.: Executor; AF Attorney-in-fact; TR.: Trustee and ADM: Administrator.
    Berlin Township
    Aug. 8: Annie Evans, a property to Jessica Harris and Geoffrey Macleod, $1.00
    Aug. 7: Kathleen L Ferraro, EXR, Cynthia L. Fulton EXR, Eleanor R. Lane EST and Earl W. Lane EST, a property to Robert Welsh and Diane Welsh, $25,000.00
    Buckingham Township
    Aug. 3: Lori A. Morgan, a property to Michel G. and Anita K. Doll, $320,000.00
    Canaan Township
    Aug. 2: Lucille C. Baird, a property to Brian Hedden, $5,000.00
    Aug. 8: Jean M. Demuro and Daniel Demuro, a property to Frank J. and Michael Henshaw, $140,000.00
    Aug. 31: Richard L. and Doris J. Lewis, a property to Brian J. and Meagan M. Morcom, $272,000.00
    Cherry Ridge Township
    Aug. 22: Land Liquidator LLC, a property to Victoria A. Usher, $550.00
    Aug. 31: Janet K. Lienert, a property to Daniel E. Ford and Cynamon L. Stinnard, $125,000.00
    Clinton Township
    Aug. 28: Francis Leon Booths, a property to Gary B. and Dianne M. Jenkins, $97,240.00
    Aug. 31: Lucas Heddy, Alexander Rose BY GDN, Christine Rechner Chapla GDN and Christine Rechner GDN, a property to Kevin E. Urian and Donna J. Urian, $60,000.00
    Page 2 of 6 - Aug. 22: Wells Fargo Bank, a property to Cornerstone Bible Church of forest City PA, $115,000.00
    Aug. 28: Richard Kemmann and Daniel Sullivan, a property to V R Seven Real Estate $34,000.00
    Damascus Township
    Aug. 8: William Chapel and Charlotte Chappel, a property toKathleen M. Winters Two Zero One Two, $260,000.00
    Aug. 17: John Peter Thomas, a property to Raymond Todd McKoy, $60,000.00
    Aug. 20: Donna E. Anderson, BY Agent and David I. Barish, Agent, a property to Three Seven Enterprises, $60,000.00
    Aug. 20: Gregg and Bridget Semenetz, a property to Louis J. Mastronardi and Donna P. Clark, $235,000.00
    Aug. 24: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation AKA and Freddie Mac AKA, a property to Robert H. Gustafson and Megan F. Gustafson, $99,000.00
    Aug. 31: Ruth Ann Reagan, EXR, Elizabeth Rozanski, EST AKA and Elizabeth furlong Rozanski EST AKA, a property to Anthony Frigoletto, $146,000.00
    Dreher Township
    Aug. 3: Wayne County Industrial Development Auth, a property to Devereux Foundation, $300,000.00
    Aug. 15: Wells Fargo Bank AKA and Wachovia Mortgage AKA, a property to John Flaherty, $215,000.00
    Aug. 20: Michael B. and Lisa Dassatti, a property to David and Lorraine Mercado, $5,000.00
    Aug. 21: Frederick and Maria K. Conti, a property to Anthony and Beth Terracino, $5,700.00
    Aug. 22: Roy A. and Norma I. Haack, $2,000.00
    Aug. 24: Mary V. Sheehan, a property to Ronald J. Russo, $1,000.00
    Dyberry Township
    Aug. 15: James and Conceicao Maria Lauria, a property to Kevin and Mary
    Ann Swingle, $165,000.00
    Hawley Borough
    Aug. 15: Dorothy W. Schmidt, a property to Larisa Yusko, $70,000.00
    Honesdale Borough
    Aug. 1: Betty P. Roberts AKA BY AF, Betty Pearl Roberts AKA BY AF and Linda J. Hanf AF, a property to Keith E. and Mariann T.Gunuskey, $72,000.00
    Aug. 2: Thomas C. Tallman Jr. and Linda S. Tallman, a property to First Presbyterian Society of Honesdale, $395,000.00
    Aug. 6: Harold and Sheila Sullum, a property to Derek F. Williams and Joelle M. Dujardin, $110,000.00
    Aug. 6: Margaret A. Polt, a property to Dina Montelione, $106,500.00
    Aug. 6: Jeffrey J. Wander BY AF and Richard B. Henry AF, a property to Michael Stefanov, $200,000.00
    Aug. 24: Housing & Urban Development, a property to Piper Creek Inc., $30,851.06
    Aug. 13: Gold C. Realty Inc., a property to Dowling Endeavors, $250,000.00
    Lake Township
    Aug. 6: Peter R. and Eileen M. Gentile, a property to Kathleen J. Camiscioli TR and Gentile Family Trust, $1.00
    Aug. 7: Kevin and Karen Kane, a property to Jarrod Rodriguez and Jacqueline Gombas, $1.00
    Aug. 8: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Association AKA and McCabe, Weisberg & Conway, a property to Paul and Lesya Fedorchenko, $46,000.00
    Aug. 9: Diane G. Badore, Linda S. Barone and Nancy L. King, a property to Christopher and Jennifer Sabosik , $105,000.00
    Page 3 of 6 - Aug. 9: Mary Jane Mehne, a property to Patrick and Joanne Palmer, $128,500.00
    Aug. 16: Jonathan and Kim Marie Washburn, a property to Dennis P. Sutton, $190,000.00
    Aug. 20: Charles P. Stachel, a property to Thomas J. Palmer, Jr., $10.00
    Aug. 22: Peter A. Denino, a property to Francis M. and Maria Surace, $135,000.00
    Aug. 29: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Daniel A. McGovern, a property to Randolph and Karen Talalas, $70,000.00
    Aug. 30: Alexander Lutzi, Jr., a property to Alexander Lutzi, Jr. and Jill L. Heading, $1.00
    Lehigh Township
    Aug. 3: Lobolito Inc., a property to Gouldsboro Volunteer Fire Company Inc. $115,000.00
    Aug. 3: Vanessa white, a property to Jamie Peters, $1.00
    Aug. 6: John P. Braun, a property to Silver Spurs Path L L C, $1.00
    Aug. 8: Richard Drake and Jill Drake, a property to Else Ramey, $87,550.00
    Aug. 9: Nickolaj Achrymienia, a property to Carl and Carole Januszkiewicz, $7,000.00
    Aug. 10: Gregory Kuchak EXR and Rose Kuchak, EST, a property to Todd Kuchak, $125,000.00
    Aug. 13: Land Liquidator LLC, a property to Cintra Garcia, $550.00
    Aug. 13: Land Liquidator LLC, a property to Cuntra Garcia, $550.00
    Aug. 15: William Robert Muller and Joan Matilda Muller, a property to Jamie G. Voto and Tara L. Voto, $185,000.00
    Aug. 15: Luckner Demosthene and Rose Marie Demosthene, a property to Wanda R. Asemoto, $35,000.00
    Aug. 15: Lila M. John, a property to Bruce J. Gregori II, $132,500.00
    Aug. 22: Big Bass Lake Inc., a property to William M. and robin E. Potts, $9,400.00
    Aug. 22: Vincenza Viola, a property to Randy Caldiero, $2,900.42
    Aug. 23: Bruce Krezonis and Melinda Brennan, a property to Marc A. Blaslov and Diana Botero, $6,000.00
    Aug. 24: Jeffrey D. McGlory, Krista M. Simm McGlory and Krista M. Simmmcglory , a property to Michael D. Ross and Jennifer J. Ross, $297,000.00
    Aug. 24: Enice M. George and Adrian W. Rusticus, a property to Mark A. and Barbara A. Weyandt, $3,000.00
    Aug. 28: Mary B. Haas, a property to Hector Santana and Xiomara Ramos, $8,000.00
    Aug. 28: Mary B. Haas, a property to Hector Santana and Xiomara Ramos, $1,000.00
    Aug. 31: Pablo J. Cruz and Heida Cruz, a property to Lynn K. McEvoy, $6,500.00
    Aug. 31: David S. Delamater II and Renee L. Anastasi, a property to Raymond W. Tremblay Jr. and Sherrie Lynn Tremblay, $100.00
    Manchester Township
    Aug. 7: Joanne V. Johnston, a property to Christopher Jacoby, $5,000.00
    Aug. 14: S & T Properties Inc. a property to Joel and Lauren Rutkowski, $23,700.00
    Aug. 29: Orlando Moreira and Maria Moreira, a property toe Claudio Ranaldt, Gustavo Ranaldi and Ariel Ranaldi, $25,000.00
    Oregon Township
    Aug. 8: Perri D. Maclaurin, a property to Terry S. Hanson and Phillip Perkert, $200,000.00
    Aug. 15: Board of Trustees of Susquehanna Conference and United Methodist Church Susquehanna, a property to Torrey Cemetery Association, $1.00
    Page 4 of 6 - Aug. 24: Mary Jaeger, a property to Joanne and Vicki Kroff, $21,285.00
    Palmyra Township
    Aug. 1: Video Display Corporation, a property to Park Street Properties, $750,000.00
    Aug. 15: Edward and Lois Grissler, a property to Charles Schmalzle, $21,500.00
    Aug. 21: Michael R. and Cecelia Carlo, a property to James D. and Maria T. Coutts, $1,800.00
    Aug. 29: Alfred and Evelyn Vitanza, a property to Norman G. and Patricia A. Schultz, $234,500.00
    Aug. 30: Jeffrey Noble, Leonard Bates and Patrician Bates, a property to Ladora Phillips, $27,000.00
    Paupack Township
    Aug. 1: Arlene D. Gill Two Zero Six Revocable, Donald N. Gill Two Zero Six Revocable, Arlene D. Gill TR and Donald N. Gill TR, a property to Lawrence S. and Elizabeth T. Mazzeo, $190,000.00
    Aug. 7: Wallenpaupack Lake Estates Property Owners, a property to Richard and Jill Rosenthal, $3,000.00
    Aug. 7: Michael J. Deane EXR, Donald L, Deane EST, Carol L. Deane EXR, Walter Raymond Deane EST AKA Walter R. Deane EST AKA, Carol L. Deane IND, Robert R. Deane EXR and John S. Deane EST, a property to Scott A. Mowry, $136,300.00
    Aug. 7: James J. Vanwyckhouse, a property to Michael E. Naholnik and Joyce Reardon, $380,000.00
    Aug. 9: Arthur W. Lewis and Jeanne S. Lewis, a property to James Reardon and Joyce Reardon, $300,000.00
    Aug. 9: Lance D. and Dristin R. Irwin, a property to Teri Bentler, $26,500.00
    Aug. 8: James H. Brugger and Margaret A. Melody, a property to Steven and Denise Pettinger, $455,000.00
    Aug. 15: Patrick L. and Alma L. Jennings, a property to Stephen J. Pettit and Donna M. Pettit, $150,000.00
    Aug. 16: Mary L. Cochran, a property to Alan S. Hanczyc, $1.00
    Aug. 16: Sandra Sikora, a property to Lawrence Schhultz, $20,000.00
    Aug. 17: Torres Sunshine BY Sheriff, a property to Big Bear Property Owners Association Inc., $1,152.87
    Aug. 17: Jamie M. O'Connell BY Sheriff and Kimberly G. O'Connell BY Sheriff, a property to Big Bear Property Owners Association Inc, $1,497.16
    Aug. 17: Robert L. and Marilyn McNally, a property to Richard Chicoski, $15,000.00
    Aug. 21: Kenneth Kirschenbaum and Kenneth Michael MacDowell, a property to Kenneth Michael MacDowell, $4,000.00
    Aug. 27: Arthur Matson Revocable Living Trust, Arthur Matson TR and Anne Matson TR, a property to Pawel Piotrowski and Anna Nowak, $145,000.00
    Aug. 27: Michael and Sybil A. Flynn, a property to Judith Tracey, $9,800.00
    Aug. 30: John Ferguson and Evelyn Ferguson, a property to John Ferguson, Evelyn Ferguson and Frank Ferguson, $1.00
    Aug. 31: Michael Bennett EXR and Ellen Hoffman EST, a property to Raymond W. rude and Catherine rude, $127,000.00
    Preston Township
    Aug. 7: William R. Gilchrist EXR and Linda F. Gilchrist EST, a property to Windy Waters, $50,000.00
    Aug 16: Karen L. and Wayne A. Rozen, a property to Jack J. and Lisa J. McMullen, $195,000.00
    Aug. 23: Philip David Lynott, a property to Audrey Fulkerson Katchur, $6,000.00
    Page 5 of 6 - Salem Township
    Aug. 1: Stephanie Lore, a property to Walter H. Horst, $55,000.00
    Aug. 1: Robert J. and Elizabeth A. Haber, a property to Marzena Bednarz, $137,320.00
    Aug. 6: Beneficial Consumer Discount Company and Beneficial Mortgage CO OF PA, a property to Corona Partners, $50,000.00
    Aug. 7: Brian T. Clancey AKA, Brian T Clancy AKA, Ortensia R. Clancey AKA and Ortensia R. Clandy AKA, a property to John and Doreen M. Connell, $113,500.00
    Aug. 7: David E. Willcox and Lori V. Willcox, a property to roy and Sheila Clark, $285,000.00
    Aug. 8: Michael R Spiegl, Sharon K. Worthy Spiegl and Sharon K. Worthspiegl, a property to Anthony R. and Sandra M. Williams, $18,900.00
    Aug. 13: Richard A. Shaffer,Sr. AKA EST, Richard A. Shaffer AKA EST, Richard Allen Shaffer AKA EST, Richard Shaffer AKA EST and Lorna Shaffer Plunkett EXR, a property to G&L United Builders, $185,000.00
    Aug. 18: Gary and Kim M. Wyler, a property to Henry A. and Loretta E. Strehle, $135,000.00
    Aug. 14: Joseph Vonderhey, Lynn Vonderhey BY Agent, and Joseph Vonderhey Agent, a property to Edward S. Fanning, $145,000.00
    Aug. 15: Fannie Mae AKA Federal national Mortgage Association AKA and KML Law Group, a property to Margaret Zawisny and Mieczslaw Zawisny, $69,900.00
    Aug. 16: Gary Hoff and Ingrid Hoff, a property to Harvey and Aida Kaplowitz, $124,500.00
    Aug. 20: Timothy Brian Conway, a property to Arlan R. Albright, $1.00
    Aug. 21: Marie Theres McGuire AKA TR, Marie Theres Ernestine McGuire AKA TR, McGuire Family Revocale Trust Agreement, a property to Raymond C. Miller Jr and Dolores Miller, $200,000.00
    Aug. 21: Marlyn L Shaffer, a property to Waynewood Assciation, $10,000.00
    Aug. 22: John Fielding and John Shields, a property to Lets Go To The Poconos, $1.00
    Aug. 24: Fidelity Deposit & Discount Bank, a property to Edward J. Fieramosca, $155,000.00
    Aug. 24: Gary and Evelyn Rader, a property to Dawn M. Crapanzano, $137,800.00
    Aug. 28: Charles F. and Janice Kinahan, a property to Stephen and Stephanie Stratigakis, $275,001.00
    Salem Township
    Aug. 29: Howard J. Burke, a property to Evangelos Tszgouris, $5,000.00
    South Canaan Township
    Aug. 24: Stephen and Joan Haber, Frederick Blankshine, Carol Blankshine, Michael Trezza and Joan Trezza, a property to Anthony Marino $65,000.00
    Starrucca Borough
    Aug. 24: Joseph P. Bohannan and Kathryn A. Nesti, a property to Kathhhryn A. Nesti, $1.00
    Sterling Township
    Aug. 6: Land Liquidator LLC, a property to Jeremiah Taylor, $550.00
    Aug. 13: Land Liquidator LLC, a property to Girsh Hullur, $550.00
    Aug. 16: Constantine D. Plaissay, a property to Salvatore A. and Donna L. Mincone, $355,000.00
    Aug. 20: Land Liquidator LLC, a property to Larry L. Mostoller, $550.00
    Aug. 20: Land Liquidator LLC , a property to Larry L. Mostoller, $550.00
    Aug. 24: Dutch Flats Corporation, a property to James P. and Barbara A. Patuto, $21,000.00
    Page 6 of 6 - Aug. 31: Joseph C. and Elaine M. Karboski, a property to John and Eva Scerbo, $42,000.00
    Aug. 31: Raymond W. and Catherine Rude, a property to Frank C. Brigante, $258,000.00
    Texas Township
    Aug. 3: Michael and Ellen Caggiano, a property to Robert L. and Ruth Ann Reagan, $225,000.00
    Aug. 31: BGM Fastener Company Inc. AKA and BGM Fastener Co. Inc. AKA, a property to Advance Stores Company Incorporated, $450,000.00
    Aug. 1: Video Display Corporation, a property to Park Street Properties, $750,000.00
    Aug. 24: Daniel A. Bates By AF and Nancy Lavenduski AF, a property to Corey Peterson, $136,000.00
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