This past weekend, yet another homicide took place in Wayne County.

And once again, it was related to domestic violence.

This past weekend, yet another homicide took place in Wayne County.

And once again, it was related to domestic violence.

The trend is alarming.

These cases are seemingly happening on a regular basis in Wayne County and it's a very disturbing trend.

Trying to figure out the motivations behind such crimes is not easy. In some cases, it is impossible.

What we do know is that instances of domestic violence, at least the ones which are reported, are on the rise. Every year more and more cases are being reported yet the resources to deal with those cases are not growing and in some instances are shrinking.

Everyone realizes that tough economic times are certainly a possible factor in some of these cases.

But that is no excuse.

In fact, there are no excuses for domestic violence. Violence against another human being is not tolerable unless it is defensive. Being the aggressor is uncalled for on any level.

Yet every day, domestic violence is happening.

One of the best defenses against domestic violence is seeking help. Even during tight budget times, there are resources for victims of domestic violence.

Many times, the victims don't realize there are resources or they are too afraid to seek help. In some cases, they have been threatened with even more violence if they do seek help.

There are no easy solutions to any of these problems.

But one thing which can be done is to punish those who commit such acts. And punish them consistently.

Laying down a standard is something which can be done by the courts. In fact, that's the step which is the most important but sometimes doesn't take place.

Enforcing laws and punishing people to the fullest extent should be a huge motivating factor for everyone who wants to see domestic violence incidents decrease in numbers.

But too many times, people don't want to talk about domestic violence and what can result. Those results can range from minor injuries to death. That's not to mention how it can break the spirit of people who survive such horrific acts.

We urge court officials to keep domestic violence issue top of mind when considering punishments for the lowlifes who commit these crimes. There are no excuses whatsoever for domestic violence and the courts need to understand that is the case and make sure their judgments reflect these facts.

We would also be remiss if we didn't send out our deepest sympathy to everyone who has been a victim of domestic violence. From grieving families who have lost loved ones to women who are hiding in the shadows, too afraid to speak up, our thoughts are with you.

It is you which should motivate all of us to take a proactive role when it comes to addressing this problem. It's a problem, like many victims, which lives too much in the shadows — where it does not belong. Take a stand and voice your opinion when it comes to domestic violence. That's the only way anything is going to change.