In this issue of the newspaper, on this page, we again welcome our area school district partners.

In this issue of the newspaper, on this page, we again welcome our area school district partners.

Last year, we launched a new initiative where officials from both Wayne Highlands and Western Wayne were offered weekly space in this newspaper to talk about the good things going on in our schools.

It was a resounding success for the schools, for us and, most importantly, for the readers. We found these columns to be well received because they talked about the students and staff at the schools.

The range of subjects was very diverse. From field trips to science projects, the information provided gave everyone much more insight when it comes to what is happening in our schools.

Today, Wayne Highlands Superintendent Greg Frigoletto kicks off the second year of this initiative. He talks about school buses and how important safety is for everyone concerned.

This is a great way to kick off the columns because we all know that getting readjusted to a lot more traffic in the area takes some time. There's also the factor of the road construction in the area, especially on Terrace Street which leads to four of the schools in the Wayne Highlands district.

Safety concerns are always a high priority and this year it seems to be ramped up a notch with the many construction areas all throughout the county.

We urge everyone to be aware of the concerns about bus safety. To do that, read through Frigoletto's column because it's full of great tips and information you should know when dealing with school buses.

It also outlines the potential fines motorists can receive if they violate laws relating to school transportation.

In coming weeks, we're sure there are going to be a wide variety of issues which are brought to the table through these weekly school columns.

We look forward to receiving them each week because you just never know what is going to be the subject at hand. It also is a chance to print some photos of students and staff doing what they area supposed to be doing — giving and getting an education.

Sometimes education gets caught up in political agendas, which it should given the cost. However, when you go inside the classrooms, it's a different matter. Most of the teachers simply want to do the best they can to provide a quality education for the students.

Those students are our future, so it's great to see teachers and staff taking such pride in what they are doing.

There will always be the political factors because that's the way of the world. But if you get a chance, stop into an area school and ask to see what's happening.

You might be pleasantly surprised.