It's official. Honesdale EMS is out of business.

— It's official. Honesdale EMS is out of business.

A deal was brokered on Thursday between Honesdale EMS and Lackawanna Ambulance, which is the parent company of Wayne Ambulance.

Many of the Honesdale EMS employees were offered positions with the company, said Mike McCormick, vice president of Lackawanna Ambulance.

McCormick said Wayne Ambulance officials met with Honesdale EMS billing and field personnel Thursday night and offered each of them employment.

As of Friday morning, he was not sure exactly how many of those people accepted jobs. He did say some took applications and may be hired at some point.

On Friday, he said they were doing orientations with the employees.

As for management personnel at Honesdale EMS, McCormick said officials "haven't made a decision" on whether or not some of them may be offered jobs.

Though there are a lot of issues involved in what McCormick admitted was a "quick" transition, he said they have a clear goal in mind at this stage of the process.

"We are transitioning our new family," he said. "We are welcoming them to our family and want to get them back on the road."

He did say he understands how difficult it must be for the former Honesdale EMS employees but believes in the long run, it will work out for the best.

"We see a benefit," said McCormick. "We will continue growing our high standards. We truly believe in what we've built and developed."

As part of the deal, the company purchased all of the equipment owned by Honesdale EMS. That includes ambulances and everything else related to emergency services.

They did not purchase the building which housed Honesdale EMS. That building is located on the Lake Ariel Highway.

Stan Pratt of Honesdale EMS said Friday morning the building is currently up for sale. He did not comment on the capital campaign which has been an ongoing effort to purchase the building.

McCormick said Wayne Ambulance will continue to operate from its present locations. Those are Texas #4, Lakeville and Hamlin.

Eventually, he said all of the ambulances will be repainted to reflect the new ownership.

"Re-branding is down the road," he said, again emphasizing they are focusing on getting their new employees oriented into a new company.

"I can't emphasize our new family enough," he said. "Lackawanna and Wayne Ambulance is a big family."

One question which has arisen since news broke Thursday of the possible change in ownership is the cost of services.

McCormick said they have agreed to continue with the subscriber agreements of Honesdale EMS through the end of the year. He also stressed the company is "cost sensitive." He said they have no intention of suddenly raising the cost of services.

He also said Wayne Ambulance will continue to be involved in the local communities.

"Our goal ... is to increase community awareness," said McCormick. "That has always been our mission and we will be diligent with that. We've taken a tremendous amount of pride with community awareness."

Part of that mission, he said, is to make sure the community understands exactly what EMS services can bring to a community.

"Our high standards are only going to get better," said McCormick.

One way they are going to improve on that aspect is to form a community advisory board. They want local people to understand the issues and sound off when it comes to changes they feel may need to be made.

"We want to create this in the very near future," he said.

(Editor's note: A formal letter from Honesdale EMS appears as an advertisement on page A14 of the weekend edition of this newspaper.)