Tragedy struck the Damascus area on Monday morning when a young woman was shot and killed while walking into her home.

Tragedy struck the Damascus area on Monday morning when a young woman was shot and killed while walking into her home.

Though the details of the case remain sketchy, it appears domestic violence was involved in this case.

There is never a good ending in a matter like this. A young life was taken and the person who did the killing turned the gun on himself and he is dead, as well.

Now, a mother has lost a daughter and the girl's boyfriend, who was also shot, has lost his partner.

It is a tragedy any way you slice it.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family members who have been forever changed by this tragedy.

There will always be questions being asked and there may never be proper answers.

But we must always keep in mind that people have suffered greatly and their losses can never be replaced.

One point which many people made after this tragedy — and others — is why troubled people take the lives of others and not just themselves.

Certainly, suicides are troubling, as well, but when someone apparently kills out of hate and then takes their own life, you can only seen cowardice.

Why would they not just take their own life? Why do they have to take the life of someone else? It just doesn't make sense.

Yet it seems time and time again, this is what happens.

And this brings us to the issue of domestic violence. It seems there have several high-profile cases of domestic violence in the past few months in Wayne County.

And that doesn't even bring in consideration the many cases which aren't reported publicly.

The fact is, domestic violence is a major problem in Wayne County and across the country. It knows no boundaries, no race, no financial status — no anything.

This issue cannot be put on the back burner or brushed under the rug.

In fact, it must be brought out into the spotlight and addressed by everyone.

It's a big problem and there are resources out there people can use to get help.

The point is, if you know of a situation like this, let someone know. It is certainly difficult to know what goes on in the private lives of people, but in some circumstances, relatives do know and can make a difference.

Domestic violence is an issue which impacts almost everyone at some point in their lives. If you can help make a difference, please do.

As we said before, our thoughts go out to the family members involved in this tragedy. Healing will take a long time and if you know them, offer them your thoughts and be willing to listen to their feelings.

In many cases, that's the most important thing for someone in a situation as tragic as what happened on Monday.