Honesdale Mayor Ed Langendoerfer is right.

Honesdale Mayor Ed Langendoerfer is right.

On Monday night, the mayor expressed his concern about the financial state of affairs when it comes to the borough. He is worried more money is being spent than is coming in, which he said could create big problems in just a few short months.

The mayor believes borough council is not looking closely enough at the budget. Langendoerfer said he has tried to get information about specific areas of concern but has not had any luck.

This is a huge problem.

When the mayor of a municipality can't get the information, what does that say about the general public?

Does it mean others don't want the mayor to know the truth or does it mean they don't like the fact he's asking questions and wants some accountability?

Either way, it shouldn't matter.

For one, he's the mayor. He is the person many people look to when it comes to Honesdale Borough and their local government.

Some will say the mayor is only a figurehead and should stick to ribbon cuttings and local appearances.

They would be wrong.

The mayor can take as active of a role as he chooses and should be applauded for asking the tough questions and wanting to know about the finances.

In many ways, that's his job.

One of things about being mayor is how much interaction that person has in the community. Whether at those ribbon cuttings or in the normal course of a day running his own business, you can bet the mayor gets an earful.

The public wants to know what is happening and how their tax dollars are being spent. When the mayor can't even answer those questions, we have a problem.

Langendoerfer is proposing the borough go back to meeting twice a month. He is right in this proposition.

It's become obvious over the past few months there are a lot of questions about the finances at the borough. From missing invoices to questionable rates being paid for people to mow yards, the issues are out there and need to be addressed.

Trust us when we say having another meeting a month is something we would embrace. It's not because it takes time and effort.

However, we also know these are serious issues and they need to be addressed in a timely manner.

Whether we like it or not, budget time is just around the corner. In fact, the departments should already be formulating their budgets for next year.

Now is the time for members of the council to make the commitment to have those two monthly meetings and make sure the public is informed about how its money is being spent.

There will be resistance from many who will say everything is fine.

Unfortunately, we've heard that story before only to find out much too late things were anything but fine.

We implore this council to not let history repeat itself and do what is right.

If they don't, that sends a clear message, as well. And it's not a good message.