HONESDALE - The 150th Wayne County Fair came to a close on Saturday, giving fair goers another year of fond memories of livestock sales and ferris wheels.

Yolanda Franco, a resident at Ellen Memorial Health Care, had a memorable experience at only her second Wayne County Fair.

Franco is "100 years old and four months," she says and lived on Main Street in Honesdale for 97 of those years.

She was only available to once before her father passed away when she was young and her mother did not have the time to go.

Another reason why she was not able to frequent the fair as a child was because not everyone had access to a car. In her school-age years, all the children were given a free fair ticket, but those lucky few with cars would charge a fee to those wanting a ride.

Franco said that her favorite part of the fair was the exhibit building because, "It was beautiful, everything was laid out and had a tag to tell you about who made it," adding that, "All you had to do was look around an enjoy it."

Another favorite part of the fair for this centenarian was the needlework, flowers and baked goods available.

"People put a lot of work into these things at it was great to see."

Kim Erickson, Activities Director of Ellen Memorial says they, "take the residents to the fair every year."

For Franco, Erickson said she loved the fair so much "we already have her on the list for residents going next year."


Livestock Sale

The paddles and bids were flying at the Livestock Sale, which took place on Saturday.

The livestock barn was packed to the rafters with eager bidders trying their best to bring home the bacon, literally.

The champion market animals were awarded as follows:

Garth LaBar- Grand Champion Market Hog Jr. Show.

Destiny Fraschilla- Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog.

Regan Grossman- Grand Champion Market Lamb, Jr. Show.

Lydia Grossman- Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb.

Molly Franc- Grand Champion Market Goat.

Nicole Billard - Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat purchased by Bob and Jet Mermell.

Madeline Miller - Grand Champion Market Steer purchased by Waymart Milling Company.

Alison Miller - Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer purchased by Macky Burleigh of Burleigh Construction and son, Jeremiah.

We will have complete results from the sale in an upcoming edition of this newspaper.