K9 Bedbug Detection Services has added another canine to their team and his name is Ace.

 — K9 Bedbug Detection Services has added another canine to their team and his name is Ace.

“We’re busier than we ever have been,” says Peter Arnold, owner of K9 Bedbug Detection Services. “So we thought it prudent to purchase another canine and train another handler. Arnold says business has increased over 100 percent for his company in the past year.

“Unfortunately, bedbugs are spreading,” says Arnold. “Fortunately, we have canine teams to help people in their battle. You can almost consider them the first line of defense.”
K9 Bedbug Detection Services canine teams are National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) Accredited. Arnold states that accreditation is important because the teams, which include the canine and the human handler, have to undergo rigorous testing yearly.

“Think of it this way,” says Arnold, “who would you rather hire? A team that certifies each and every year and proves they can do what they say they can do – a team that has continuing ongoing training? Or one who does not certify, and does not maintain their training?

“Ace is a terrific dog,” says Arnold. “He has two years field experience and is great at finding bedbugs.”

Ace works with handler Charlie Maas when he goes out on searches.

Both of the company’s bedbug detection dogs, Ace and Gideon, are trained to find as little as one live bedbug or one viable egg.

“Canine teams are extremely useful in finding what the industry calls an introduction,” says Arnold. “It’s very difficult for a human to find a bedbug egg or a single bug, but the dog can easily smell it.”

This helps the end consumer find them before they become a large infestation. “NESDCA accreditied Canines are simply the best tool for locating bedbugs available today,” says Arnold.  

K9 Bedbug Detections Services canine teams search hotels, homes, rentals – both apartments and houses — retail space and business offices.

They can be reached online at www.K9BBDS.com or 1-877-233-2459.