— The possibility exists that Honesdale may be able to get a wine and spirits “boutique” in the downtown area.

But it’s only a possibility.

“It’s only a possibility,” said Gail Tucker, executive director of the Greater Honesdale Partnership (GHP).

That possibility was the silver lining in what was otherwise a darkly clouded meeting which took place earlier this week in Honesdale. During that meeting, Joe Conti, CEO of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), took a grilling from local business leaders because the state recently announced they are moving the liquor store from Honesdale to the Route 6 Plaza in Texas Township.

The move came without any notice being given to officials in Honesdale and was actually decided a year-and-a-half ago but just recently came to light.

Because of that, the GHP requested, through local elected leaders, a meeting with Conti.

It was during that meeting when Conti floated the possibility of a “boutique” type store, something he said the PLCB has been considering for a while but hadn’t found a suitable location.

Tucker said after the meeting, local officials continued that conversation and that’s when it moved forward and now proposals are going to be accepted. That proposal, again a possibility only, would be to establish a small wine/spirits boutique in the downtown area of Honesdale.

Anyone who has a proposal or idea on how or where this could be best be accomplished is invited and encouraged to email GHP at ghp@visithonesdale.com.

Emails must contain the following information:
• Physical address of the proposed space.

• Total square feet that could be made available and the minimum number of square feet that would be made available by the property owner.

• Available parking.

• A short paragraph with any other details that the property owner considers pertinent and of interest.

Persons are asked to but “Boutique” in the subject line of the email.
All ideas/proposals submitted will be reviewed and discussed at an upcoming meeting with the PLCB. Proposals must be submitted via email by Aug. 10.
Tucker said the GHP will be meeting with officials from the liquor board “in the near future” but that date has yet to be established.

If you have questions about the possible boutique you can contact Tucker 253-5492.