Each Monday all throughout July, more than 50 talented youngsters turned out at HGC to participate in the 2012 Junior Golf Clinic.

As one of the week’s unforgettable thunderstorms rumbled in the distance, dozens of excited young linksters chatted happily while wolfing down hot dogs and quaffing Coca-Colas.

Bob Simons, arms folded and smiling, observed this   scene from the Honesdale Golf Club’s practice putting green. The Hall of Fame coach couldn’t suppress a chuckle as boys and girls edged ever closer to a table covered with trophies.

“I?think this is definitely their favorite part,” Coach Simons whispered. “They like playing golf, but they like the food and trophies just a little bit more.”

The moment all of those hot dogs and sodas were gone, Bob took his cue. He climbed the stairs to the clubhouse deck and addressed his audience. He thanked everyone for coming out and supporting the 15th Annual HGC Junior Golf Program.

“We had a lot of fun these last couple of weeks,”?Coach Simons said of the popular summer camp, which convened each Monday morning of July. “And I?think we all learned something about the game of golf, too.”

HGC hosted the popular yearly event each Monday throughout July. Golfers arrived at the links each day at 8:30 a.m. They received individual coaching, then participated in group drills and played several competitive holes before heading off at noontime.

Coach Simons went on to point out that golf is an activity one can enjoy forever. He emphasized that lessons in etiquette, sportsmanship and teamwork can be applied to many other aspects of one’s life experience.

Wayne County Commissioners Wendell Kay, Brian Smith and Jonathan Fritz were all on hand to help pass out trophies and show their support. As has become tradition over the past decade, the Board of Commissioners

Coach Simons also made a special point of thanking all the dedicated volunteers who gave selflessly of their time at the camp.

They include: Jim Murray, Jim Pellington, Janette Krause, Judy Goyette, Ron Collins, John Dyser, Beth Carmody, Dwight Gregory, Linda Soden, Bonnie Simons, Spencer Goyette.

“This is one of the club’s most popular events and we hope it continues for many, many years to come,” said Coach Simons.