- How many times have you done your civic duty and cast a ballot for the best candidate? If you can say every election since you’ve been eligible, that’s commendable. But, can you say that you’ve taken place in every election for 50 years consecutively?

Nineteen Wayne County residents can proudly say that and were inducted into the Pennsylvania Voter Hall of Fame yesterday. These outstanding citizens have cast a ballot every November for at least the last 50 consecutive years. To be chosen for induction, an application must be completed and verified that their voting record is accurate.

Wayne County Commissioners Wendell Kay, Brian Smith and Jonathan Fritz were in attendance when the regularly scheduled commissioners meeting took place. Also in attendance was Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele, representative for Senator Pat Toomey Frank Mazza, representative for Senator Lisa Baker Bruce Mackle, representative for Congressman Tom Marino Anthony Herzog and director of elections for Wayne County, Cindy Furman.

Aichele spoke fondly of Wayne County, calling it her second home and remarking that her “family has been escaping to Wayne County for the past 25 years.” She spoke with great pride and thanks to the inductees.

Aichele was nominated by Governor Tom Corbett in January 2011 and was confirmed in the Senate in April 2011. She is the Commonwealth’s Chief Election Official. She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in economics.

“I’ve heard every excuse for not going to vote,” she said. Those excuses ranged from inclement weather to that thinking your vote doesn’t matter. Aichele commended the inductees for never letting the weather, or any other reason, deter them from casting a ballot. In an age where “less than 25 percent” voted in the spring primary, this kind of dedication is extraordinary.

She said the inductees are “some of Wayne County’s finest citizens” and that by exercising their civic duty by voting, they set the “very best example to [their] kids and grandkids.”

Kay said he was honored by these stewards for “taking to heart all of their duties and obligations.” Fritz also expressed his sincere thanks to the inductees and praised them for a job well done.

The inductees were presented with documents congratulating them on their achievement. Their names will also appear at the Voter Hall of Fame in the state building in Harrisburg.

The 2012 Pennsylvania Voter Hall of Fame inductees are:
•Eric Anderson
•Doris R. Cook
•Meryl R. Cron
• Robert H. Cron
•Junita H. Diehl
• Eloise Fasshauer
• Mark H. Hawley
• Lewis C. Henshaw
• Jean Kowalewski
• Konstanty Kowalewski
• Gus Leunes
• Alan Llewellyn
• Marjorie L. Marshall
• Dean H. McKinney
• Lois Jean Pfund
• Edmund J. Rose
• Douglas G. Simmons
• Joan F. Sporer
• Ruth A. Tripus