A team of local teener league baseballl players is headed to Williamsport this weekend to compete in the 2012 Babe Ruth state tournament.

Less than a week after the HLBA crowned a state champion, a team of local teener league players will begin its quest for Pennsylvania gold.

With veteran skipper Pete Goyette calling the shots, Wayne County heads off to Williamsport for opening ceremonies of the 2012 Babe Ruth Junior League tournament.

“We’re all really excited to get there are see what we can do,” Coach Goyette told TWI Sports. “We’ve already been practicing for a month now and I’m pretty confident that we can compete.”

Wayne County will represent District 5 at this year’s event, which features 13-15 year-olds from all over the Commonwealth.

Weather permitting, the local lads were scheduled to open up Friday night versus Altoona. Win or lose, they would play again Saturday, Sunday and Monday.The top six teams after pool play will then advance to the medal round, which starts Tuesday.

Stay tuned to TWI Sports for updates on the quest for Babe Ruth gold.

Solid Roster
According to Coach Goyette, Wayne County’s main strength will be a very deep pitching staff.

A quartet of 15-year-olds will anchor the rotation: Alex Babyak, Jacob Gillis, Patrick Pierce and Sully Rutledge.

“For my money, every one of those kids is a top flight pitcher,”?said Coach Goyette. “They all got tons of teener league experience this summer and they’re pumped up to pitch at states.”

Adam Kelly, Noah Box and Babyak are penciled in at the top of Wayne County’s batting order. All are speed demons and each is fully capable of wreaking havoc on the bases.

“That’s the way we like to play,”?said Coach Goyette. “We want to get those boys on and make things happen. We really want to put as much pressure on the defense as possible and see what happens.”

He also expects Ben Corbin and Pierce to provide serious pop from the middle of the order.

The 2012 Wayne County All-Stars roster includes...Noah Box, Alex Babyak, Ben Corbin, Jacob Gillis, Logan Freiermuth, Spencer Goyette, Patrick Pierce, Adam Kelly, Sully Rutledge, Jonathan Werner, Nicholas Grossman, Brian Gibbons.