The time has come.

The time has come.

In our weekend edition, we reported on the egregious actions of Honesdale Borough councilman Nick Slish.

This isn’t the first time we’ve reported on the outright blatant law-breaking actions of this councilman. In fact, there is a pattern which has developed. Slish has apparently anointed himself emperor of the borough when it comes to zoning and code enforcement regulations. What he says goes and apparently the fallout is just collateral damage.

What’s at issue here is the fact Slish decided on his own someone’s yard was not acceptable. By some miraculous coincidence, when lord Slish ordered this yard to be clear-cut, the homeowner was on vacation. Funny how that works.

The tragedies in this are numerous. The homeowner had planted vegetation to his liking and some of it was dedicated to late relatives who he was honoring. That he was out of town when this act occurred is absolutely intolerable. It should be stressed there was a complaint against this homeowner but Slish decided the law didn’t need to be followed and he was going to make the decision on his own. Filing a complaint is legitimate but if the officials in charge break the law, what good is it anyway?

Yet there’s another bigger picture here and that’s the actions of a renegade councilman who thinks he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants with no accountability.

However, the story is actually much bigger.

This story is about the rest of the council who lets this happen. These council members have watched Slish overreach his bounds over and over. Questions still hang in the air about what really did happen in those “break-ins” at borough hall and you can guess who is right in the middle of this fiasco.

Why does it seem every time something like this comes up, Slish is in the middle of the controversy and the others on the council just kind of sit back and say, “Well, he’s immature and that’s just the way he is.”

He’s breaking the law. Plain and simple. And they are letting him get away with breaking the law, all the while setting themselves up for the possible bankruptcy of the borough because of their inaction.

Who knows how many people have been wronged by this councilman who professes to want what is best for the borough, all the while jumping into a phone booth and putting on his fake Superman suit before causing unnecessary, and illegal, havoc on the citizens.

We say enough is enough. What part of “out of control” do the rest of the council members not understand?

We know full well Slish is leftover from the old guard who had utter disregard for the citizens and were all about lining their own pockets. The current council members know this as well. Yet they continue to tolerate his actions though now it appears the shark may have bitten off too big of a piece of tuna.

It has not gone unnoticed that on our website and on Facebook, the public has risen in outrage. In stories past, there were always a select few who would defend this power-hungry councilman, but they have gone silent. The people, it seems, are at the boiling point and that should send a loud and clear message to the rest of the council.

But will it?

Here’s what needs to happen – and quickly.

The council needs to call a special meeting (yes, another one of those but this time urgent and necessary) and announce the only subject is the actions of Nick Slish. They then need to publicly and forcefully call him on the carpet and let him know in no uncertain terms he is an outcast. After that, he needs to be stripped of all committee duties and told his only role is to vote on motions. They then need to call on him to resign his position, citing total embarrassment and the potential for lawsuits based on his actions.

That’s a pretty simple solution. But it likely won’t happen because nobody on this council has shown they have the guts to say they are fed up and this was the last straw. It’s likely they will continue to defend him as immature and arrogant.

They would be foolish to take such action.

People are sick and tired of this kind of behavior and this new council was elected to put a stop to it happening. In fact, council president F. J. Monaghan and finance committee chairman Scott Smith told us in an interview just prior to being seated they would be open and transparent about the happenings at the borough.

Their record is mixed, at best, but now they have a chance to show they meant what they said.

We will see what they do.