Dunn's Sawmill is still the class of the Blue Collar Men's Softball League after winning its 22nd straight game. However, there are no standings and no playoffs for this Wednesday night only recreational circuit.

Dunn’s Sawmill has been the class of Wayne County’s wildly popular “Blue Collar Softball League” for the past several seasons.

Led by Jim & Joel Watson (the “Bash Brothers”) Dunn’s has reeled off 22 consecutive wins dating back to the start of last season.

Not that you’d have any way to know...because there are no league standings, no statistics and no playoffs.

And, you know what?

That’s just the way these guys like it and want it to remain forever.

Breath of Fresh Air
In a world dominated by cut-throat competition on a daily basis, the Blue Collar Softball League offers a refreshing alternative to the highly competitive local athletic scene.

There are a dozen 15-man teams in the loop, all of which are based within 10 miles of Honesdale. Games are played on Wednesday nights before crowds made up mostly of family members and friends.

Players take turns serving as umpires. There’s no bunt-ing, stealing or sliding.

After seven frames of fun and good-natured ribbing, both teams and their fans adjourn to a local watering hole to re-live the game and begin spinning tall tales that will one day grow into softball legends.

“I?just love it,”?said Dan Liptak, who’s been playing since the 1980s. “We decided to call it the Blue Collar League because we’re all regular guys and we need to get up and go to work in the morning. We’re here to have fun, socialize with our friends and play a little softball.”

The Watson Brothers are quick to agree.

Joel, an ‘08 graduate of Honesdale and a bona fide baseball star at Wilkes University chimed in.

“It’s such a good time,” he said. “I play in the Tuesday-Thursday league, too and I like the competition there. But, there’s someting about Wednesday nights...I?don’t  know...I?just really like coming out and playing with all these guys.”

Joel’s older brother Jim has been a mainstay on the Dunn’s Sawmill squad for more than two decades. He can still hit the ball a country mile and loves to compete. However, the laid back atmosphere of Blue Collar appeals to him.

“There’s no pressure at all and I?like that,”?Jim said. “This team’s been together for a long time and we all get along really well. I look forward to it every week.”

Dunn’s Sawmill defeated Woodland Design 22-2 on Wednesday and a good time was had by all.