The Wayne Independent and News Eagle are proud to announce the winners of the 2011 Big Buck Contest, the 31st Annual Event for hunters here in Wayne and Pike Counties.

The 31st annual Big Buck Contest came to an end on Monday afternoon, and we are pleased to announce the winners.

"Entries were lighter than in the past, I think mainly due to the warm weather the first week and the wet weather the second week,” said Glenn Khoury, the contest coordinator. “However, most of the bucks were larger thanks to the antler restrictions."

This year’s event saw a total of nearly 60 trophy bucks measured at our two locations; The Wayne Independent in Honesdale, and The News Eagle in Hawley.

"Many hunters commented that they did not see as many deer as in the past but when they did, the bucks were bigger,” said Khoury.

The Winners are...
First place overall goes to Todd Keast of Waymart.

Todd took down a monster 10-pointer in Wayne County, Mt. Pleasant area. The right beam measured in at 241/2 inches, the left beam was 231/2, and the span was 23 inches for a total score of 81.

Keast used a 30.06 Remington to bag first place which includes $1,275 in prizes. His 10-pointer earned him a full shoulder mount from Rod’s Taxidermy, a $100 gift certificate to the Wallenpaupack Sport Shop, a Weber Go Anywhere grill, two mid-week greens from Woodloch Springs, and a slew of other gift certificates to local establishments.

Second Place
Theodore VanBeuren of Brooklyn, NY took down a 10-pointer on Nov. 28 at 3 p.m. in Pike County, Blooming Grove Twp., to claim second place.

Theodore’s trophy measured 23.75 inches on the right beam, 22.75 inches on the left, and had a span of 22.50 inches.

His prize package, which values $295, includes two mid-week greens from Woodloch Springs; a $50 gift certificate from Rattle Snake Creek Taxidermy; and a Genny retro cooler from Banko North.

Third Place
Dwayne Manning of Waymart bagged an 8-pointer in Wayne County, Caanan Twp. to earn third place overall.

The left beam measured 23.50 inches; the right beam was 22.50, and had a span of 23 inches. His prize package is worth $215.

Youth Prize
Daniel Brill of Wernersville (PA) bagged a 9-pointer on opening day at 8:30 a.m. in Pike County using a 30.06 Savage.

The Youth prize package, with a value of $565, includes a free shoulder mount Dutton’s Taxidermy.

Women’s Prize
Erin Shadler of Greeley took away the Women’s category, with a 9-pointer she bagged in Pike County.

Erin’s prize package, valued at $590, includes a free shoulder mount from Rocky Ridge Taxidermy.

The trophy buck measured 21 inches on the right beam; 22 inches on the left; and had a span of 18 inches.

Armed Services
New to this year’s contest was the Armed Service category.

This prize package included a free shoulder mount from Wildlife Unlimited Taxidermy and a prize package valued at $590.

Matt Sterner of Hawley bagged a 15-pointer in Pike County on Dec. 2 at 8 a.m. using a 30.06 Remington. The right beam measured 20.25 inches; the left beam was 20 inches; and the trophy had a span of 16.50.

Special Drawing
Mike Naughton of Greentown was the special drawing winner.

Mike’s prize package has a total value of $190.

Over & Out
"This year's contest was bigger in terms of free mounts by adding a military mount, women's mount and senior citizen mount,” said Khoury.

"I would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support of the contest over the years. Their support has made this contest one of the largest and longest running contests in the state."