Once one the the area's flagship curcuits, Wallenpaupack Bowling Center's "Scratch Classic League" appears to be in decline...

After a grueling 36 week season, the Tuesday Scratch Classic League drew the curtains shut on yet another season of bowling.

This performance however, was hardly deserving of a curtain call. The Scratch Classic League has seen a disappointing turn of events over the course of the past four seasons or so.

At one time, this league was impossible to join, as 12 teams of five packed the small-town center each night. Lately however, this league has seen a decline in participation and it faces a very uncertain future.

On Tues. Jun. 7, there will be a meeting at Wallenpaupack Bowling Center for next season to attempt to save the league from a total collapse.

Many of the participants blamed league officials for the decline of the league. Others resorted to a more generic argument, stating that the economy is mostly to blame.
Wallenpaupack Bowling Center, for the second straight season, dominated the circuit.

Although “Team 2” will be declared the league champion, in terms of prize money and overall performance, Wallenpaupack Bowling Center ran away with the victory.

The team was blessed with the ability of its members to win points, especially when they were absent.

Eric Gumble, who was unable to bowl the last official week of the season, swept his opponent as did the absent Brian Weist.

Weist, who was absent on various occasions throughout the season, had a strange tendency of unknowingly sweeping opponents.

No Sponsor
The league began to go down hill quickly after Lake Region IGA withdrew its sponsorship of the league.

Although league-wide sponsorship is far from imperative, it is $500 less in the prize fund for the league. This, with the decrease in participation, is a recipe for an unstable league.

Monday PBA League
The Monday PBA League is off to a wonderful start. 

The 10-team league saw its first glimpse of the Cheetah Pattern (the tour’s shortest) this past Monday.

Higher rev-rates were not keys to success — as was proved by Michael Markis’ struggles, and Matt Tardona’s success.

Whereas Markis couldn’t keep the ball from hooking through the nose, Tardona found a line early on and rolled an 846 series for his four-game total.

The bowlers continue on the Cheetah pattern this coming Monday evening.